Have to start ALL over with my classes

  1. Of course, the classes I took many moons ago have changed enough that I have to start all over again. I was a bit peeved but after thinking about it, I'd rather start all over and have it fresh in the brain.

    I have to take my english placement test and then I'll be set for starting the pre-reqs. Despite the school saying it's 3 semesters to get through, it's looking like 2 for the pre-reqs, 2 for the LPN, 2 for the ARN, 2 for the BSN and then 24-36 months for the midwife program.

    I'm 30 now so I'm glad I haven't waited too much longer to get cracking on this stuff. Hopefully, I'll be done with school and have a decent base of patients by the time I'm 40. Remember being really young and thinking 40 was ancient? It's not looking so old now!

    I've been applying for scholarships left and right on fastweb but it's looking like I'm going to be in debt up to my ears.

    My advisor is excited to have me in my class and I'm glad I've had her teach me before. Now I'm a little familiar at least with her teaching style.
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  3. by   funinsun
    Hi rohan!

    I'm glad you have such a positive attitude about your new situation.. You are absolutely right that now things will be really fresh in your brain and easier to recall.. I went to school with my mom (and in no means in comparison with you, only in that she hadn't been to school in a while) actually in the nursing program, and trying to recall some of the information about chemistry, etc. was a bit of a challenge though doable for her.. To be with people in those classes who are also in nursing I've seen creates a bond as well..
    I'm glad you are determined to reach your goal and I'm sure therefore that you'll succeed.. I know the debt thing is troublesome just a bit, but the benefits of nursing I hope will help you as well with that., even though as we know MT isn't the best paying state..=) To be honest though, I have found that there are actually some nice paying places here so far! Hang in there and congrats...

    Ready for the snow?..
  4. by   Rohan
    I think if you have a crappy attitude going in to nursing, then perhaps nursing is not for you. lol

    It should be snowing soon! I remember many a times having to put snowsuits and winter coats under and over our costums. LOL. Ihad to turn the heat on the other day and it was only the mid 50s today. Hopefully gas will go down a bit soon. I hate putting the kids in a cold car but they might just have to bring a blanket in the car.

    Have you found a decent job? My advisor says that all the nurses who graduate from our program have a minimum of 3 job offers and she gets calls from doctors all the time asking for nurses. I really want to stay in Missoula and both our hospitals are supposed to be expanding/adding L&Ds so I'm hoping by the time I'm done with school I'll be able to get in a practice at one of them.

    I'm SOOOOOOOO dreading telling my boss I'm quitting. We've had a couple girls quit in the last few months and a few on the verge of being fired. I'm tired of working 60 hours a week for $11 an hour though.
  5. by   funinsun
    I agree with the crappy attitude not helping, life is too short to not love what you do.. That's awesome that the new L&D places are opening up over there in Missoula, can't wait to go there sometime.. The market has been pretty good in Helena, they have two major hospitals and numerous clinics and such.. Honestly, I only interviewed (applied to more though) at the children's hospital here and so far have decided to go with them as they have been very kind to me so far.. Unfortunately I am going to have a bit of a delay issue as far as transferring my license from NC to here.. I won't be able to work as soon as I need to.. (which is now..lol..One 2500 mile road trip kinda put a dent in the budget..=) Overall, for nurses that is, there seems to be a decent market including nursing homes, clinics and the main hospital..

    Good to hear that Missoula has a lot of jobs too! (I can't wait to see more of the state) It will be nice to be working for at least a year I think for me in Helena for a while, because so many places are more wary of new grads..and then who knows?

    I know how hard it is probably to quit for you, at least you know it's for a good cause and you're not doing it to spite someone/something.. I have had to make a ton of sacrifices to go to school as well and it has been worth it for sure..

    I bet your kiddo's are so cute at Halloween.. They seem to take the holiday very seriously here I've seen so far talking with people.. and these were the elderly ones (who were among other things, 'flashers' (!), 'ballerinas' etc. so far..lol)..Trick or treating in the snow would be fun to see..

    Is it me or do you see deer alot up there?
  6. by   Rohan
    It's not just you. The deer are everywhere in town. I refuse to go in my backyard at night because I've almost been run over a few times by them. Last winter we were sledding in the backyard and it was starting to get dark and we saw 5 or 6 deer walking toward us. I was pregnant, trying to drag 2 sleds and my then 4 year old and 8 year old up the hill out of the way of the deer. The deer decided to follow us instead. I threw some snowballs at them but they didn't seem to care much. Thankfully we made it in the house before they got too close to us. Bambi is NOT my friend! They also like to jump in front of or into your car. I can't really blame them for being in town though. Missoula is a huge valley and the city is built all the way up some of the mountains now so the deer don't really have anywhere else to go. Today on my way to pick my kids up from my mom's, I saw a mom and 2 babies eating grass by the old repair shop 2 blocks from her house.