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Monroe College in Bronx ny

I recently got accepted to Monroe College for the fall 2020 nursing program, I haven’t seen recent reviews about the school and I want to make sure I’m making the right decision. Has anyone attended the school, or graduated?

Im not looking to put all my eggs into one basket so I’m still applying for other schools as well.

Thank you :)


I’m in the same boat! Planning on attending in the fall. Crossing my fingers this is the right choice!

I just got accepted to the fall semester also. The views are mixed but I really want to make sure this school is right for me.. Good luck hun

Yeah I agree, I have seen mixed reviews but I have read it also is what you make of it. I know there might be some things that they might lack compared to some of the other well known nursing programs but at the end of the day I view this still as an opportunity to become an RN!

Good luck to you too hun!

I also got accepted for the Fall 2020 Progressive Nursing Program. I also would like some advice if this is the right choice. Like anybody that has graduated from the program. The job opportunities that they are given. So far I have researched a little and they have ACEN accreditation which is very important to me when it comes to a nursing school. The price compared to other schools seems more affordable.


congratulations to you and the other future nurse that responded to my post. I also did my extensive research about the school and yes they are ACEN accredited, like the other response I looked to find the reviews and Alvy is absolutely right it’s what you make of it. It’s an affordable school and I plan on utilizing any resources given.
Good luck to you!

Thank you !! Good luck to you too. we got this!!

I got accepted as well! In the new Rochelle location. I’m nervous LOL, I saw mixed reviews and little information on the programs. But you’re right, have to make the most of it. I wish you all lots of luck!

Congratulations! I did visit the New Rochelle campus a few days ago and it looks so nice. I’m nervous too! I think we all are but with the right support in and out of school I think we’ll be fine 🙂

Thank you so much! Best of luck to you also! We got this!

Thank you! Apparently they want me to have an interview to finalize everything even though I got my acceptance. Do you remember any questions they may have asked you during the interview process? 😭😭 I’m terrified haha.

CONGRATS! I did not even know the new Rochelle location offered the nursing program as well. I interviewed via Skype (start of COVID) and it was pretty smooth, similar to a job interview. They asked me to tell them about myself, future goals, and asked me situational “what would you do” questions.

I received my interview over the phone, if I can remember she asked why do want to be a nurse? What do see yourself in 5 years? How can Monroe help you achieve your goals?

How did the interview go?

Did anyone else receive the nursing program packet, with the to do lists?

Yes I did, about a week ago. I already did the background check, applied for insurance, joined the NSNA and renewing my CPR license.

I just have to purchase the uniform and fill out the medical forms.

How about you all?

It went very well! I got accepted 🔥 and those are exactly the questions I was asked!

Hey future nurses! Anybody know were we are sending the to do list documents to? Is it by email? I reached out but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I also wanted to know for the CPR I have one that says BLS PROVIDER Is that acceptable? I know the list says it should say healthcare provider but I don’t see any option like that on the AHA site.


hmmm that’s a good question, I would send the documents needed via email before the due and keeping the paper copy also just Incase they need it. I’m having the same issue with them not returning my calls because I was told they are very busy with getting things ready for the fall semester.

keep trying and leave messages until you get a reply just to make sure.

Okay thank you so much! Yea it’s super busy I can imagine due to COVID 19. Did you get your uniform yet? I think it’s due soon but I really wanna go to the location listed to try on.. I have thick thighs Lmaoo can’t trust online ordering 😫 How do they fit?

You’re welcome hun.

I haven’t purchase my uniform yet. I agree! I don’t want to order them online, I plan on going to the location tomorrow or something this week so I can try them on.


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