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Hello! Does anyone know about pay scales, etc. for new grad RN's in the Richmond area? What about Bon Secours versus HCA? or even VCU/MCV? How does one find out the "real deal"? Thank you! :confused:


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I'm not quite sure. Try checking out Hope it helps!

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The most accurate way is to call each hospital and ask for the information. Also be sure you get the information on any differentials, bonuses, benefits, etc. It's the total compensatation package that matters, not just the base salary. For example, one hospital may have a slightly lower base salary, but pay much higher differentials, or have a better tuition reimbursement program, or pay more into your retirement fund, etc. Again, the base salary is just the starting point.

Hospitals rarely lie about that sort of information becaue it is simply an objective, concrete number that is easily verified. So, if you ask for that information, they will most likely simply give it to you.

What they won't/can't always tell you about are the subtle and/or subjective aspects of working there. Things like the culture, the quality of the interpersonal relationships, etc. usually require that you talk with people who actually work there or actually experience them for yourself.



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The bad part with alot of healthcare facilities in Virginia I have encoutnered is that some will not even discuss what the salary is until you submit an application and interview. Maybe its just my area, but I do not know (Hampton Roads). Good luck with this.



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Thanks all for the info. I'll be making some "calls" soon. I need to find out about how the hiring process works, with regards to specifics about the transition from student to new grad and orientation and internships and externships. I have a business background and know that employers make salary offers that are just below the maximum amount they can offer. I just don't want to feel like I was "taken", if you know what I mean.

I intend to work in critical care in the ICU and would appreciate any info. from current employees regarding their experiences, good or bad, in the Richmond area.

For me, the more info. I have, the better I feel!


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Please keep us updated. I would certainly like to hear about it.


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I can not comment on the money, but I know a nurse who worked for Bon Secours and it was terrible.


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I am a new grad RN who works for Bon Secours, except I work in Norfolk. It may be different, but at my facility, the starting pay is 17.00 per hour though I recieved more because of my LPN experience.


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That is good. A friend of mine worked for them and got less even though she had tons of LPN experience.


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The only bit I can pass on is that Sentara (hampton roads) pays all new RN's the same regardless of level of education (diploma, ASN, or BSN). They would not tell me what the beginning pay rate was, however. As a BSN student I would be very interested in any info anyone might have about pay.


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Last I heard Sentara starts new RN's at $16/ are the differentials from their website:

What about other opportunities for increasing my salary, like shift differential, and certification pay?

Sentara recently increased shift differentials for RNs as follows:

Straight Evening Shift - additional $4.00/hr

Straight Night Shift - additional $4.00/hr

Straight Weekend Days - additional $5.00/hr

Straight Weekend Nights - additional $6.00/hr

Sentara pays an additional $1.00/hr to RNs with specialty certification, eg., CCRN certification for RNs working in critical care units. Sentara's nurse managers offer financial assistance to their staff RNs to defray the cost associated with the certification and recertification process.


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Sentara also has an employee referral program that offers an extra bonus as well.

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