Moms who work full-time....


Just wondering how many classes/hours you are taking? And if you want to include the actual classes that would be great:)


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Hi. I have a one year old and currently take A&P 1, western civ 2, and liberal arts math (10 credits). I'm also going to school 4 days out of the week from 830-3 for a CNA course but start clinicals on the 9th of November. Yes at times it is stressful but I make it work. My son is my motivation.


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I agree, my boys are my motivation as well:) it's definitely not easy and have newfound respect for moms who work and go to school! I'm just trying to figure out how many classes I can manage with working full time and being a mom.

Hey there, I am a single mom whose working full time as well! I am currently enrolled in 15.5 credit hours...



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CPR - but it was one Saturday class =)


My daughter is my motivation! I can't rely on my ex-husband to make his child support payments, because he's yet to make one since it was supposed to start 8 months ago. So my motivation is providing for my daughter all on my own, as I am now, just with a better career lol

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I'm going to be starting with as many as I can hande. Unfortunately for me 3 of my nursing pre reqs are pre reqs of themselves. Lame!

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I'm taking 12 hours


A&P II Lab


Micro Lab

Nursing Fundamentals


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I have five children, two are preschoolers. I work part-time and am taking Microbiology lecture and lab and Nutrition. My house is never clean, I don't ever have socks that are matched, and coffee is my new lover.