for the moms...daycare and clinicals? What did you do?


I've noticed that most clinicals start really early. What do you do if you have a small child whos daycare doesn't open at 4am? What time were your clinicals (6-??? etc...) I'm unfamiliar with how clinicals are scheduled. Can anyone shed any light?

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My clinicals are from 7am-3pm. Some daycares will open early for a fee. Check with ones located close to your campus because they have probably dealt with your situation before. Good luck.




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I relied on other moms who had kids going to the same place. :) I tried to split it up so that no one person did it all for me. And paid back with babysitting and chocolate chip cookies.

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Our clinicals start at 7:00, and our daycare opens at 6:00. I drop them off around 6:20. They feed them breakfast and bus my older one to his school at 7:30.

I think 7:00 clinicals is fairly common, because most places have you start at shift change so you can sit in on pre-conference.



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on my clinical days my mom spends the night because i have to leave by 4:30am and have a 1 1/2 hr long drive to get to my site by 6am.



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Since it pertains to daycare, I thought I'd add another question to this thread if no one minds.

I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old who will be going to the daycare across the street from my school. My 4 year old started preschool last year, and he was sick on average about 3 times last winter. I've never had a baby in daycare, so this will be a first for my 1 year old. For those of you will small kids in full time, how often did they get sick? The attendance policy at my school is strict, and I'm wondering how much I will expect to miss? They both start full time in Feb, I'm sure next winter is when I'll have to deal with the illnesses, especially with the baby since my 4 year old has pretty much built up a lot of immunities already.

My husband will be able to use his vacation days if they are sick a lot, which is nice, but I'm just worried that my baby is going to be sick a lot in that setting. BTW, I will be nursing him through this too, I'm wondering if he will be sick less because of that. Would love to hear everyone's experiences with kids/daycare/illness. Thanks!


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