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When I started to work as a nurse I felt lost. Having 6,7 and sometimes 8 patients was driving nuts. My mother who is also an RN gave me her organization sheet. It includes, patient name, age, dr. dx.hx,etc, its all in computarized and its so neat.

It has the iv's, TF, etc.

But something I did on my own that guides through the day and if I loose it I go crazy.

I use a blank sheet of paper every day and I write my patients names, in one square each, then I put their accuchecks, IVF, TF, TELE and major antibiotics or procedures for the days, also if I have a stat order and wound dsg. changes. Therefore I know what are my priorities and also I put if they are DNR or full codes!!

I do that everyday and I can proudly say that I am very well organized. It took me a year but I did it!!!

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We always used a sheet like that. Helped alot.



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I'd be lost without my sheet (sounds like mine)!!!


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Those sheets are a must have! I worked on med surg as a nurse intern, and at the beginning of each shift, each team could print these off the computer. It had the pt name, sex, age, Dx, and MD for all the team's pts down one side. The rest of the sheet was divided into blocks for meds, VS, Accuchecks, IVF, and other treatments. I don't know why all hospitals don't do this.

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We refer to those as our "brains." All hell breaks loose when I lose my brains lol.

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I was lost if I didn't have my work sheet. I made one up for almost every area I worked (L&D, NBN, Neuro, etc) just looked at my notes and figured out what I needed to remember the most. I keep all my notes in a box in case I need them for court (and I have been called into court) helps me lots when I can't remember $h!t.


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I use not only my "sheet", but I have incorporated colored markers as well, to denote who has to do what and at what time. Referring to if the CNA does vitals and outputs, etc. I use them to show me what time things have to be done, and cross out what I do as I go. Helps me a lot.



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After misplacing one of my sheets once early in my career, I began to just put the room number or the first 3 letters of the last name where the patient's name would go. I was a bit freaked about confidentiality, and afraid of loosing one again...

Funny thing though, after that one loss, I never lost another one!!! LOL

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