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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)


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Congratulations! I started there this January- almost have first semester done. (Yay!!)

I know exactly how you feel- dying for information! I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have- there have been a few students ahead of me that helped me out a lot when I was first accepted and was full of questions, so I'm happy to pay it forward. :)

Feel free to message me anytime!

Congrats again!


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Hey! nice to meet you:)

well, i took pre health 2 years ago so i found out i will be exempt from first semester communications, so that will lighten the workload! how much work is it? i have a friend who just started the RN program and she has no life at all....i know rpn is different. have you started your clinicals? i saw on the website that they start clinical like after 7 weeks! thats a pretty short time, you must learn a lot in those 7 weeks! how do you like the IAHS building?

so far i havent found anyone else who has accepted/going!


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Excellent news about communications- that will help. I was exempted after I wrote the Assessment for Success- everyone has to write it, so don't worry about it. It doesn't affect your admission or anything. It's just to help place people that might need extra help in English.

Well... it's a lot of work, I'm not gonna lie! :) But it's manageable. I have two little boys, and I need quite a bit of help with them from my husband and other family, but we make it work. Some weeks are much heavier than others. The first couple of weeks feel the worst, because everything is so new, but it has started to feel easier to me at this stage. The learning model at Mohawk is different from other colleges- here, the idea is that the teachers don't teach- the students learn. That's not exactly accurate, but there is definitely a lot of emphasis on taking responsibility for your own learning. They provide you with a TON of resources to help you- things like Peer Mentoring, tutoring, and extra help in the Learning Resource Center. The teachers are all lovely, and they won't leave you out to dry. They will always help you find the resources you need to learn. I wouldn't say I have NO life... it just feels like it! lol! It's an intense program, and you do have to be prepared to be accountable for your own learning.

Not to scare you- but the clinical placements actually start on week 3! I know- I was terrified to be let loose on the public at that stage! :D But you start out slowly, and there is always someone there to help you out if needed. It becomes much easier as you learn your skills in the classroom.

On the subject of clinicals... I can't stress enough, it is imperative that you start getting your medical clearances as soon as possible. It probably seems like it's a long way off right now and there is plenty of time- but you'd be amazed at the ways it can get held up. You will need CPR at the health care provider level, and a mask fit test (both available from Mohawk- you will get an email about it later). You will also need blood work showing your immunity to varicella, measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis B, and a two-stage skin test for tuberculosis. If you haven't ever had Hep B vaccines before, I strongly recommend you get the ball rolling on that right away. It can take a long time- as much as 6 months (although you're probably good after about 2). You will also need a vulnerable sector screening from your local police agency- the forms are available at the IAHS. Depending on where you live, that can sometimes take a while (some people it took a couple of months). If you don't have your medical clearances complete by the time your placement starts, you won't be allowed to attend until you do. But- if you're not cleared at first, they will help you with activities to do until you can go to keep you caught up as much as possible, but it's obviously not ideal.

The IAHS is lovely and modern- no complaints! If you haven't been in already, you can book tours through Student Life and they will show you around.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I know exactly how you are feeling right now, and I'm happy to help you out!

cheers :)

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Thank you SO much!! That was great information! What!?!?!? week 3? That is NUTS. How do you even know anything about nursing after 3 weeks? Haha, I assume it would be mostly shadowing and hands on learning at that point. My friend in the RN program did a year of theory and learning and then starts clinicals in year 2....I guess thats why its called "practical" nursing haha.

Thanks for the info on the clearances stuff...I'll definitely look into it!

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actually - where did you do your first placement? and what was it like? after not being in school long, what did they have you do? haha


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Just another little tidbit before I forget... if you don't know already, you should hear that the program runs straight through the summer. As far as I know, it still says on the website that it doesn't do that... but it definitely does. Unless they change something this fall, which is always a possibility! A couple of people got a nasty shock on the first day when they heard that. On the plus side... you will be out of there by December of 2013, instead of April of 2014! I personally really like just getting it done all in one go. Just FYI!

The RN program is very different from what we do- but the same in some respects. We learn the same skills, but we do more of the hands-on aspect- as you said, 'practical' nursing. :) The RNs get a 'broader' knowledge base... we really focus on the core subjects, and hands-on skills. The RNs are required to take quite a few more non-nursing classes to complete the degree. Personally, I can't imagine languishing in a classroom for a whole year before getting to lay hands on a single patient! That would be so hard for me- and that's why I am where I am! I think the PN program is a great place to start. When I'm done, I can go out in the world and practice nursing, or I can choose to bridge to my RN, if I think I can handle 3 more years of school. It's great to have that option open if I want it.

The answer to your other question is... we DON'T know anything about nursing after 3 weeks. lol! Your first semester will be in a long-term care facility, and we spent our first day finding our way around and getting oriented, and then shadowing the PSWs that work there. We are obviously not responsible for any of their nursing care, but we are each assigned a resident to focus on and we help them with their morning care (using the bathroom, dressing, freshening up). As you learn more skills, you can take over more responsibilities. It has been a really good experience... it's tiring, and sometimes sad... but there are laughs too, and it's very rewarding to help someone that can't help themselves and make them feel respected and important. I've enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but I'm also looking forward to moving on to acute care next semester.


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Hm..really? I know that for people who start in January that they go through the summer...but I was pretty sure for September it goes Sept - April. I really need to work during the summers so I hope that isnt the case!


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Very helpful advice starfish ;) and great job answering vintagenurse's questions....I will add that I started in Sept. and am now preparing to enter 3rd semester and we DO attend school throughout the summer. If you do need to make plans to accomodate you throughout the summer I would certainly keep it in the back of your mind; however you will be attending classes approx. 3.5 days/week (as you will be in 3rd semester next summer)

Congratulations to you as you embark on a very intense, rewarding program -

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Why is this not mentioned anywhere? That is a HUGE curveball!!!


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Thanks, @takeabreath- my mentor! :)

Yeah I was afraid that would come as a surprise... I tried to get them to change it when I started the program, but looks like it still hasn't happened. All the PN students do all 4 semesters in a row, with a 1 week break mid-semester, and then 2 week breaks between semesters. If the September people took the summer off, then we would all be starting semester 3 at the same time- when the January people would catch up- and they are definitely not equipped to handle that number of students all in the same classes. Not to mention the clinical placements would be that much more difficult to find.

So- I'm glad I mentioned it, I guess, but I'm sorry to hear that this isn't good news for you. There were actually several people in my class that were surprised by this- one of them is getting married in the summer!- but they have worked it out, as far as I know. I hope you can sort it out as well. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with!

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Just received my acceptance for January 2013 start! So excited. Any tips for a newbie? :) :)

I started the modified program at Niagara last week and one day later got my Mohawk acceptance! Figures eh!! LOL