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Hi everybody..I'm mark from Philippines, just recently I pass the licensure exam for MOH-OMAN ..I would like to hear any comments, suggestions or words of encouragement from nurses in Oman specially Filipino Nurses..God bless

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hi windfreakzz, did u aply also in moh oman? i already sent my pasport, any new update?

hi mark!

i'm about to take the oman lic exam this month, hope u can give me some tips ,review materials esp in MS. I heard oman is a nice place, not as strict as in ksa. I met someone whose cousin has been working there as a nurse for 15 yrs now and tha;s the reason why she's also taking the exam.

Is the exam hard? in what area will you be assigned? thanks!

did u send your pasport?

hi! i didn't send my passport yet, exam will be on sunday feb 23. we only submitted a photocopy of it. I heard the exam mortality rate is quite high :uhoh3: ...need prayers!

hi everybody..im mark from philippines, just recently i pass the licensure exam for MOH-OMAN ..I would like to hear any comments,suggestions or words of encouragement from nurses in oman specially filipino Nurses..God bless

Hi MOH-OMAN! I will be taking the examination this coming Sunday. How was the examination? Is it really hard? What are the topics that came out?

;) hi! i'm just curious, where is this OMAN exam given? can u post a link? ty ;)

Hi... I just want to know how the MOH Exam in oman doing? is it difficult? how many items and what is the passing score.. I have been hired to work as a staff nurse in a new hospital in Muscat and we are going to take the exam there. I really need some tips, and please share some infos about it... tanx a lot...:)

Greetings everyone

I would like to know some update regarding the MOH-OMAN delegation last March. Is there any development?



hi!I also want to know where and when is this moh-oman exam given?

Is there a delegation coming to the Philippines every year?,please send me any info.

or link regarding this,thanks so much!your reply will be very much appreciated:)

@ rend

hi rend!are you already in Oman?how was the exam?hope you pass:)Can you give us some points or tips regarding the exam?tnx!


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