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MNS or BSN- DNP and where

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Hi, I have been researching schools for my next step. My end goal is DNP-FNP, although I would pursue additional cert for either psych or education later. I have my BSN. I have been an RN for 14 years with experience in ICU, pediatrics, home health case management, corrections, and psych. I live in a remote area in the USA, therefore I need an online course with little to no campus requirements. I am looking for a reputable school that will challenge me to adequately prepare me for my chosen roles.

Is getting the MSN and going back for the DNP better?

Or is there a good BSN-DNP program. There are more options for MSN-FNP.

For each option so far Walden, Maryville, and Bradley have been in contact with me. Trying to find relevant reviews is difficult.

Thank you.

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LadyT618 has 15 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Home Health, Primary Care.

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How remote is remote? Remember many schools do not help you locate preceptors for your clinicals. Do you have preceptors lined up for when you start your NP program's clinical portion?

Just my opinion, I think you should go for an MSN program then go for the DNP, or choose a DNP program that allows you to stop and get your MSN along the way and sit for boards before proceeding to the DNP portion of the program. This way, just in case something happens, at least you have a chance to sit for your boards and start working.

I know of an acquaintance who went through Walden's AGPCNP MSN program and she passed her boards on the first try. She is currently searching for a job. She had no complaints about the program as far as I can tell. 

I graduated from a B&M school whose NP program is offered online, but they require 1 trip to their campus for about 3-4 days for a clinical intensive to learn certain skills. Is that something you can swing? 

Here's a link to their BSN-DNP program:


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