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  1. I have submitted applications to multiple nursing programs around KC (UMKC being one of them)! The more I look into them, the more I am leaning towards UMKC being my top choice. I applied for their Accelerated BSN program.

    Any current students/recent grads want to share their experience?! I know NCLEX pass rates were below 80% the year before last, but have gone up to 87% since then. Additionally they have close to 1200 clinical hours their students are required to do.
    What is the class schedule/teachers like?

    Did anyone in the accelerated program work during this time? And when do they send out acceptance letters??

    Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   dnr7616
    My friend went to UMKC's accelerated nursing and worked part-time when she went. I think she worked like 10-15 hours per week, but I'm not sure. She got her acceptance letter in March I think. However, there have been a few posts on here about the UMKC program possibly losing their accreditation. I haven't really researched it that much besides reading this article Mid-semester rule changes at UMKC School of Nursing surprise, upset students |

    So basically if their NCLEX pass rates are below 80% 3 years in a row they are at jeopardy of losing accreditation.
  4. by   kba292030
    It looked like their pass rates fell below 80% one year but have been above 85% the last few. Got this off the missouri state board of nursing website.