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  1. Hello

    I am trying to get into BSN program in St. Louis. I was not accepted at Barnes-Jewish nor St. Louis Univ. I am way down on list at Maryville Univ even though i was accepted into the University.

    Last semester I got two non passing grades, one in a nursing class. I was going thur some depression, etc. Things are much better for me now. In the meantime I have started at Patient Care Tech program in St. Louis and will have my diploma in Jan 07. I am making all A's. I will also be taking a chemistry course and anat. course (it has been more thatn 5 yrs since i have had either). I have applied to a community college where waiting list is at least 2 yrs. Does anyone think these courses/and good grades i am making will help me get into an BSN program.

    Barnes Jewish said they would consider my application once i received an Associate in Nursing.

    I just wanted to talk with someone on this.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    BSN programs generally require a good GPA to have a decent shot at getting in. I don't think it's impossible for you to get into a BSN program, but it will definitely be a challenge with two failing grades (particularly since one of them was in a nursing course). I would advise you to apply to all of the programs in the St. Louis area, including ADN programs, and see what you are offered. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    About the "2 year wait" at the community colleges here in town. I was told the same thing and am starting on Monday after only a 2 semester wait. Get your name on the list(or lists). They give you that long time frame because it could potentially be that long....but lots of folks change their mind: about nursing, about the community college, have family situations come into play etc.
    Good luck to you!