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hello, i am a uw-madison nursing student graduating in may. i am thinking about moving to the stl area, but feel as if i don't know enough about the area/healthcare systems in the area. i have had... Read More

  1. by   Mirasol
    Quote from RJ---RN
    You might consider Kansas City area as well. Missouri is really a great place to live. AND like someone else said.....the cost of living is great...that may be why salaries are a little lower, but worth it in the long run.
    Good luck

    Kansas City??? Know absolutely nothing about it, giving out any info?? Climate? terrain-- trees, plains, hills, flat?...... Salaries?? Cost of living?? Just a few ??? Know you open up a whole new can of questions!!!:typing
  2. by   WDWpixieRN
    I think the Columbia area is pretty son goes to Mizzou there and my husband and I just fell in love with the town....lots of rural areas surrounding the town, plus lots of entertainment with the college campus being there, plus you're midway between Kansas City and St. Louis off of Hwy. 70....I don't know much about the hospitals in that town -- there are a few...and don't know much about their education system for your boys, but it IS a college town, so I imagine the professors demand something of the system there....

    Might be worth checking one time, I believe it was on a list of most desirable places to live...and was's about 90 minutes west of St. Louis, and about the same to KC...

    Just something more to confuse you with!!
  3. by   Mirasol
    Well it doesn't take much to confuse me!! But i truly do appreciate the info.

    Hey, the more choices i have the happier i get
    What a great thing to be a nurse and have so many opportunities!! My husband is a teacher so we are both able to move simi- freely to find our new home town!!

    Thanks again to all for the replys!! You have all been so great in responding to my endless questions. What a great forum. I hope I can return the favor soon and give someone some helpful advice. Advice I've got, helpful??? That depends!!! Anyone else have an opinion please feel free to add your two cents

    Now to the INTERNET to search for more town info!!
  4. by   buddiage
    I moved here from Washington state, and I love it here. I live in Lincoln County, doing all of my business in St. Peters and Wentzville.

    It's a different culture than what I am used to. A lot of friendly, neighborly people here. And I never realized how Catholic the midwest was (a plus if you are Catholic- there's a ton of churches here).

    It's growing by leaps and bounds. You can buy a new house with basement for $130,000 in where I live.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from buddiage
    I moved here from Washington state, and I love it here.
    Wow, I've been to Washington -- Seattle area -- Bellingham and Vancouver primarily, and thought it was positively gorgeous up there!! I am anxious to go back to visit sometime....what brings you to Missouri from another beautiful area of the country?
  6. by   buddiage
    Hubby works for Boeing, we transferred down here. The summer is unbeatable up in those areas (I lived an hour south of Seattle), however, the rain and gray skies can really geeeeet toooo yooooou...... Oi.

    I do NOT miss the traffic whatsoever, or the ridiculous house prices. It has it's perks though, for sure.
  7. by   Nurse2bducky86
    Quote from Mirasol
    Kansas City??? Know absolutely nothing about it, giving out any info?? Climate? terrain-- trees, plains, hills, flat?...... Salaries?? Cost of living?? Just a few ??? Know you open up a whole new can of questions!!!:typing
    if you like using your heater and a/c in the same day you'll love it here!! plenty of trees in the City, mainly flat with some gentle rolling hills...salary well it depends where you work, but it usually evens out the cost of living you have your choice of living style here in KC and the outlying subs.quite a few parks if you can find them and a lot of good hospitals too, KC is okay it all depends where you live.
  8. by   WDWpixieRN
    I've only been to KC for a couple of weekend visits, but we enjoyed it a great deal and know folks who LOVE it!! I always felt a bit more of a west coast influence there, and someone who lived there agreed -- they felt that St. Louis was more east coast and "old", while KC was a bit more "modern" and young....

    As for the weather, I'm thinking it's about the same difference, with the exception that sometimes it seems KC gets a bit more ice and snow and heavier hits of it than we do during the winter on occasion....

    There's also some great BBQ!!
  9. by   christymwinn
    Sooo, it has been awhile........ did you move?
  10. by   RNfinally
    I worked for 2 years at ssm facility in Lake st. louis, smaller but growing hospital and loved it. I worked at st.johns mercy medical and didn't like it too much, but I think it depends on the type of hospital you are looking for, sjmm is huge compared to st joseph west.
    I came back to st louis from Coon Rapids MN and the pay rates are considerably less in st.louis. The housing market is considerably cheaper than some areas of MN and Wis. Taxes, well that depends we found that st charles county wasn't that much cheaper than coon rapids area, they just took the taxes out of different areas so do some checking through the city websites if possible to see what property tax rates are and in most cities you will pay personal property tax as well.
    Most communities are very nice in the burbs, I don't recommend the city area but thats just me. hope this helps a little.
  11. by   broomstickrider74
    There is affordable housing in Lincoln and Warren county, both are about 15 to 20 min drive to SSM Hospital in Llake St. Louis (not same as St. Louis City). You can buy a new ranch 3 bedroom home in these counties starting at 130,000. It is also a little rural here but growing fast and property value is on the rise, so getting settled and buying a home here would be in my opinion a good investment.