St. Louis BSN programs

  1. I am considering my options for ASN vs. BSN programs in St. Louis. Can anyone tell me if this is a complete list of the Accelerated BSN programs in St. Louis: Barnes-Jewish, UMSL, SLU, and Maryville. Are there any I have forgotten?
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  3. by   rclimbr
    Check with Chamberlain (used to be Deaconess)
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    I believe you have covered all of the accelerated BSN programs. I don't believe that Chamberlain has an accelerated option.

    I am currently in the traditional BSN program at UMSL, and I am very satisfied with my nursing education. The accelerated program follows the same curriculum that we do. Admission is very competitive for accelerated - traditional is also competitive, but not to the degree of the accelerated program.