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  1. i am looking at the rn program at SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOSPITAL COLLEGE OF NURSING. does anyone have any information about this program? is it accredited? if i already hold a master's degree and have taken the pre-reqs how long will the program take? how long is the program generally speaking? is this a diploma program or an associates? thanks for you help.....i had been planning on going to an accelerated program in florida and my nurse anesthetist student hubby is looking at jobs in cape girardeau!! while we are at it....any info about cape girardeau?
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  3. by   amhash
    I have not been in the Cape area for awile, but while I lived there the program was starting. A few of my friends have attended and all seem to agree that it was a good course. If I remember right they offer an ADN and LPN to ADN. Southeast hospital has assistance programs to attend if you are an employee as well. The number to the hospital is 573-651-5555. The ADN program is two years long I think. CRNA's at southeast are paid fairly well for the area and they are treated well as far I saw while I work there. Again, it has been awile since I applied for this program so things may have changed. If you call the above number thay can get you the nuber to the college. I do know that the same people run it and they were very nice to me and answered all my questions
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  4. by   keithmRN
    My wife went to college based out of a local hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO. It is now very competitive to get in. They offer a 2-yr ASN program for those who are not LPN's and a 9-month bridge program for LPN's. School time varies based on your prerequisites. As far as I know it is a very good school. There are others in the area offering anything from ASN to BSN and beyond also. If you already have your Master's you might be able to complete a BSN in not much longer time either and cheaper since it is a state school and not private like the Hospital College of nursing.
  5. by   Edenbound
    Hi there!
    My husband graduated from the LPN to ADN program in 1995. It was a very good program. I think they do have straight ADN program now as well. I can get more info. from a friend of mine that teaches there if you would like. It is expensive but if you work for Southeast Hospital it is a lot less. I concur with the other nurse who said that they treat their CRNA's well too. I have been living in NC for the past 9 years but before we moved I worked at Southeast Hospital for six years. It was a good hospital to work for & I'm sure it still is. My aunt is the nurse manager for pre op & recovery & has worked there for over 20 years.
    I graduated from Southeast MO.State University with first my ADN & then my BSN. They are good programs too but not sure how much credit they will give you for having a masters in something else.
    The Cape Girardeau/Jackson area is a nice place to work & live. We lived in Jackson but worked in Cape. Hope this info. is helpful.
  6. by   Heath82371
    Thanks for the responses. We have actually decided against moving to Missouri. After visit Cape Girardeau we decided we'd be happier elsewhere. I am used to a larger city atmosphere and would likely get very bored very fast there. Thanks for the help!
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    I just discovered the lpn to rn program in the S.E. Hosp College of Nsg and was wondering is it too late to send an application and do you know the percentage of students from other states ?I live in Maryland and looks like it's a good program.
  8. by   Dixieheart
    This college recently raised their fees per credit hour to $284. If you take pre-reqs and/or non-credit courses through them it is still same charge. Oh yeah, you sign a paper that restricts you to taking ALL acedemic courses through them, so you are obligated at that point. Better to take all pre-reqs at the university as it's cheaper per credit hour. Also the pre-req instructors that teach are the same instructors at the university;so you get the same instructors regardless. A private college can and does charge more.
  9. by   sissyboo
    I was accepted to Southeast Hosp. during my senior year (2006) to start either the evening program that fall or the day program in Summer 2007 and am taking advantage of the extra year to get cheaper pre-reqs. I am still considering a couple of other less expensive programs in more rural areas, but I do feel like Southeast Hospital would offer more as far as clinical experiences considering they are such a large hospital. And considering they had 100% NCLEX pass rate, I feel like they have to be a great school...but probably much more demanding. Sooo many options...Good luck to all...