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  1. I am a recent Grad and just passed my NCLEX RN with 75 on Tuesday. I think this college is great for the already experienced LPN. I was a good LPN and so were many in my class, the school works with non traditional students who have families and already settled in a career. I am disappointed that the past administration and teachers who might I add were former instructers at neighboring colleges gave the school a bad rep they are nolonger at SBC either. But I guess I will be one of those Nurses proving everyone wrong at the work place, because I am known to conquer any skill you throw my way. Any way I know a lot of New nurses from "the most reputable nrsing program in the Lou who can't hang past the honey moon phase. We need to realize that although new technology and good instructors are attributes to motivating and sending new nurses out in the field but the drive in a person to want to be the best at what they do always starts from within and that is the only thing that can keep you there,Not the college not the instructor and definitely not the pay. SO heads up all new SBC RN grads, Noone in our class or the last has FAILED Boards yet and with our already seasoned backgrounds and knowing what we are in for, the school's reputation will get better as time goes on. The future will not go on without us. Before people knock why a school isnt accredited by THE NLN, find out the reason Why first. Sanford Brwn is accredited just not by NLN so if transferring credits is something you think will slow you down in getting a further degree dont go there. But if you want to get the NCLEX RN out the way first and then take your prereq later that may be required at a NLN acredited school GO to SBC.I'm an RN now and I plan on transferring my SBC credits to Webster University and then attending UMSL for my Masters. believe me I am resourceful when it comes to grants and money so I still will owe alot less than someone who went to SLU. and with my already seasoned background finding employment will not be a problem. I dont think I want to work for anyone who looks at what school you attended over your abilities and skills. It just cant work that way in Nsg. Nursing is what it is and not many folk can handle it.:hatparty:
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    Thank you for the post! I hope you are well, and wish more people had taken the time to comment earlier and thank you. I like your attitude and appreciate you took your time to give us all and honest and encouraging post! :spin: