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  1. I am an ADN student at JCCC preparing to graduate and become licensed in May 2013. I am looking for some thoughts from students of various RN to BSN programs in the area to give myself and fellow students insight into where we might like to go... Open to online, in class, or a combination. Main concerns include cost, time required, clinical required, experience as a student, respect level in the community (how highly a degree from that program is considered.). Anything else you can think of is appreciated.
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    Mid Erican Nazerene

    Any others you may have attended or heard about
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    Mid American
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    The Univ of Kansas RN to BSN is offered in an online only format. There are no clinicals and you are never required to come to campus for any reason. The program tuition is currently $315.65 per credit hour (no matter what state you live in). KU requires 60 credit hours of liberal arts courses to be completed before you begin the program, but all 60 credit hours can be taken at a community college. This will save you money because you are only required to take 30 credit hours online through KU. Also, KU offers a $5000 Regnier Scholarship to three JCCC graduates each year. The program can be completed in as little as a year and you can't beat the KU reputation.
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    Thank you! That's awesome. I will have to check out that scholarship
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    I saw this old topic and was curious as to how hard it was to find a RN job after graduating from jccc?