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  1. I am starting the evening/weekend RN program in Jan and have received the packet with all the required tasks prior to beginning. My question is regarding the dosage calculations. Can anyone that is currently in the RN program at Penn Valley tell me what all you needed to know regarding the dosage calsulations? I am curretnly studying out of Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy however I am getting very nervous about how much I need to learn on my own. Clearly it is important that I learn this but do they really leave you on your own?? Math is not my strong point - any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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  3. by   allthingsbright
    Hye Jen,

    Yes, it is self taught at PVCC. I used Math for Nurses by Mary Jo Boyer and it helped me a lot. You will get more guidance from the faculty in class, but just know that it IS doable and don't stress too much about it right now.

    I personally suck at math and have had no problem--even got a 100% on the drug calc final the 1st time. Review BASIC math right now, ok? In nursing math you will just memorize your metric conversions, then plug them all into a formula. You will be shown how to do it and then practice on your own.

    GL! The program is HARD but worth it. I am getting ready to be a junior BTW!
  4. by   4jen
    Thanks so much for the insight - I will keep on reviewing. Congrats on getting through the first year.