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  1. HEllo everyone I'm new here.This is the Dilema at hand,I was a LPN for 7yrs.I only worked in Nsg Homes and plenty of them. Now I regret hopping from home to home. I was alway highly esteemed and a good worker.(AT First) then when I realized the Low morale of the many facilities I worked for My morale and respect for it also went downhill. This ultimately lead to my low morale in myself as a LPN. I knew this was not for me and I had to make a quick change .I knew I needed more responsibility and autonomy if I were going to continure in this field. But ultimately my lack of respect for Nsg homes management , myself and lack of duties led to me leaving most places after 3 or 6 months without giving 2 wks notice most the time, although I never abruptly leaving the staff hangin. but like I said I didnt feel like a professional and that how I performed in the end.I dont think I've worked at any nursing home I highly ende up esteeming. But besides my self evaluation ultimately, I am the blame for job hopping and not giving 2 weeks notice..Well I just grad from Rn school Dec 11 and passed my board this past week on the 10th of January and I need advise on how I should set my resume up let alone suggar coat my past unprofessionalism.MY esteem is real high right now so please dont be too harsh in your responses..Thank you!
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    Do not bring up the subject yourself. When the interviewer asks, state something like you were too yound at the time to be able to handle places with low morale; you needed time to grow so that now, after being able to stick through an RN program, with all of its stresses, you feel better prepared to deal with the real world of nrsg. Also suggest that you go the Med/Surg for experience route in an acute care hospital. Don't go to LTC fac unless you can't get a position elsewhere. If you do start at a LTC fac, then really prepare yourself mentally and remind yourself that then was then, and now is now; convince yourself everyday before you go to work that you can handle this and the residents need you. You will do fine.