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Hello everyone, I am moving to St. Louis to be with my family and am looking at BJH, St. Luke's, and St. John's for potential employement. Has anyone ever heard of new grads getting sign on... Read More

  1. by   WinksRN
    Des Peres Hospital was giving a 15,000 sign on bonus, I dont know if they are still offering it at this time.
  2. by   MidnightTang
    The $20,000 bonus is given over 2 years in $5000 increments with the first 5000 at three months and the last at 24 months.
  3. by   2bNurseNik
    Quote from wdwpixie
    TWENTY thousand!?!?! Is that for NEW grads?!?! Wow....

    My only concern about that would be that I took A&P I a couple of years ago with a gal who worked there as a unit secretary or something similar and she said it was a positively miserable place to work and that EVERYONE was unhappy course you always have to take that with a grain of salt and consider the source (I didn't know her well), but that could account for what sounds like 10X what the other sign-on bonuses I have read about for new grads in this area!!
    There's a few students in my A&P II class that said they took A&P I over 3 years ago. As the teacher was lecturing and asking questions, the one student who took A&P I 4+ years ago was answering all of the questions and I was like, What?.

    Also, I think Des Peres is offering that huge sign on bonus for a reason (obviously not a good one). That money sounds GOOD but we all know, all money is not good money. There, for sure, will be some really tough strings attached. Just my thought......

  4. by   nurse_nan
    If you go with SSM, mention my name (email me for it). We both get a bonus. =)
    Good luck!