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  1. I am wondering if anyone had any feedback on Goldfarb School of Nursing through Barnes? I am struggling to get through my pre-reqs at the community colleges but am afraid I won't make it through College Algebra or Statistics. I am 43 and don't know if it is all worth it or not. I heard they just started a program at Missouri Baptist location which would be so much closer for me since I live in St. Charles. Anyone going there or have graduated from there?
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  3. by   One2gofst
    I am in the second semester of the accelerated program at Barnes. I believe it is very good, however, it is very intensive. If you are struggling with the classes at community college, I would urge you to look at the upper division rther than the accelerated program. MoBap does have their program now and I have heard little about it, but it is all under Barnes.

    Best of luck to you.
  4. by   1spunky
    I am almost done. If I were you I would spend half the money and go to UMSL. There is no difference. It can be very disorganized sometimes and inconsistent. I have a current gpa of 3.85 and I am still very frustrated with the program. I am having serious buyers remorse.
  5. by   travkitty
    You'll get the same (& sometimes better) education for half the price at UMSL.
  6. by   1spunky
    I absolutely agree!
  7. by   armada14
    hello TravKitty! would you happen to know if UMSL admissions is extremely difficult to get it? im from Los angeles CA and looking out of state for some great BSN programs. Im thinking of Barnes because their roll over addmissoins and what not, but open to other schools of course. im pretty much done with all pre-reqs at the end of this fall. Thanks for any info!
  8. by   travkitty
    Ok, this is the 3rd time I've tried to post this reply. Here goes...

    UMSl accelerated program is harder to get into than the traditional because there is only one start date a year, plus more limited space since it has to utilize the summer skeleton crew. The traditional would likely be no problem as long as you have at least a B average in your science pre-reqs. Also, UMSL is cheaper than Goldfarb.

    In my experience, too, it seems that hiring managers light up when they find out you are an UMSL grad. I encounter a lot of Goldfarbers, too, but they don't have any increased edge over UMSL, unless paying a LOT more for the same schooling is important to you.
  9. by   armada14
    Thank you Travkitty! yeah I think im a little hesitant to apply at universities because I feel they are bombarded with nursing applicants and I am not from that school. It seems that most student are being accepted to Goldfarb and put on a waitlist, which I dont mind. my goal is to just be accepted into a BSN program right now, but I' will deifinitely consider applying to UMSL also now too. Thanks!!
  10. by   travkitty
    Well, I wasn't an UMSL student when I did nursing school there. I had been taking pre-reqs at a local community college. Take that for what it is. UMSL may be the most respected in the least top 3.
  11. by   Jennybird
    The programs at Barnes and Goldfarb are actually competitively priced--UMSL is certainly not half the price!


    Barnes: Fall 2011 - BSN Accelerated Program Costs - Business Office - Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College
  12. by   Jennybird
    Update: Wow, I just revisited this page and see that I meant to say that UMSL and Barnes are competitively priced.
    For the Accelerated BSN:
    Barnes: $36,694
    UMSL: $31,876