Graduating soon with an ADN in St Louis MO

  1. Hello,
    I will be graduating in March with an ADN. I will be an RN and I am starting to get extremely nervous about securing a job after graduation. I currently work as a Student Nurse Tech in one of the area hospital but I have my heart set on working with children. I want to be a NICU Nurse but I will take almost anything just to get my foot in the door and to get some experience under my belt. I have already started applying to hospitals and it is scary as well as a little discouraging when I receive the rejection letters back. If anyone has advice on what I should do to secure employment I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   Deirdre Stokes, LPN
    Congratulations on your achievements!!!
  4. by   ChaseZ
    Congrats and good luck. I just graduated with my BSN and went through the new graduate application process. It can get complicated and stressful. Your best bet is to find personal contacts (floor managers) who will request your application from HR. If not, you will most likely get lost in the process. There were a lot of new grads and few positions at many hospitals.
  5. by   Mommy2RN
    Thank you both!!! ChaseZ thank you for that info. I have networked quite a bit and have a few names of some floor managers, never thought to go directly to them. Thanks again. And congrats to you as well!!!
  6. by   Luckyyou
    When I started in this NICU (in STL), there were 120 applicants for my start date. They hired 6 RNs, 5 with BSNs. Make sure you do something to make your application stand out so much it glows if you want to work in the NICU. The job market when I graduated in 2011 was absolute crap, unsure what it is now, but my best advice is to apply anywhere and everywhere. I had to move to Springfield IL for my first job and I have a BSN plus two and a half years as a secretary/PCT. FYI, BJC is supposedly no longer hiring RNs before they pass boards. The December grads don't start until March.
  7. by   Mommy2RN
    Cerriwin, thank you so much! I don't plan on being picky at all 😀, where ever I can get in I plan on staying for at least a year. Job market hasn't really changed I know some grads who don't have jobs and I don't want to be one
  8. by   ChaseZ
    Quote from Cerriwin
    BJC is supposedly no longer hiring RNs before they pass boards. The December grads don't start until March.
    That is what we were all told when applying for jobs but me and many of my classmates have positions and start in January before passing boards. As far as the job market goes I was told by HR that they received way more applications than available jobs.