Current Students or Graduates of UMKC's BSN Program

  1. There does not seem to be a lot of information/input regarding the UMKC Traditional BSN program. I see a few sparse threads here and there. I would really like to see a good strong thread develop for those that are looking for information on this program. Mostly, I would like to hear people's input who have completed or are attending the program.

    Such as:

    • How was your experience the first semester with the 15 credit load and PathoPhys (I have heard it is pretty challenging). Why?
    • Were you able (or are you able) to work during the program? If so, how many hours and what did you do for work (CNA, Food Service, etc?)
    • Do you have any tips as far as website's or study materials that were helpful for you?
    • How do you like your experience with the Human Patient Simulators? Anythin you would have wanted to be different?
    • Do you have any suggestions for clinicals? Nursing elective choices? Places to volunteer? Places to seek work after graduation?
    • Why did you choose UMKC's program? Was it (or is it) what you had hoped?

    I am currently completing my pre-req's for the program. I chose UMKC's Traditional program because of the cost, length (three years long as opposed to two years long) and clinical time, the proximity to home (I live off campus), and some of the positive experiences I have heard from students of the program. I have applied for the graduating class of 2014 (I would start this August if I get accepted). It is very competitive, as are all RN programs. I have tried my best to keep a high grade point average but realize there is no guarantee even with a perfect GPA and great references. If I don't get accepted this semester I plan on re-applying the following year (finish more gen-ed in the mean-time). I am a semi-nontraditional student. I am 26 and married (no kids though, waiting until after graduation).

    Here are a few FREE websites or resources that have been helpful for me as a pre-nursing student:

    Here are a few interesting and helpful websites I have found in my browsing for more specific nursing and practice information:

      "This web site was created for easy access to nursing procedures...Easy access, to real-life Nursing procedures was the goal of this project. Step by step directions with photos and videos make learning come alive. Over 150 nursing procedures or related content have been recorded and can be found throughout this site. These videos were not rehearsed."
    • "Emergency Nursing World"- Great scenario walk-thru's, Check out the "I can't breath" scenarios.
    • (This site is mentioned elsewhere on AllNurses and is a GREAT resource).
    • (medical ICU information, also a good resource)
    • (Stabilization of Trauma PT's)

    I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has some connection and/or experience with the UMKC BSN program or other helpful tid-bits!!!
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    To follow up with this post a little, we had a group of current UMKC BSN students come visit our Nursing 101 class @UMKC yesterday. We got to ask them any questions we could think of. Here are some the the details I gathered (this is paraphrased, I may not get every detail perfectly as the student said it). There were 2 first-year students and 5 seniors (third-year) that came to our class to speak with us:

    • (One of my main questions was about whether working a job during the program was doable) According to the students, working during the program has been possible for most of them (even one of them working full-time until their last senior semester). It seems like the consensus was that, it really just depends on how good you are at organizing your time.
    • From what the students said it also really does seem like that first semester is the "weeding out" semester, sounds like it gets a little easier to manage in the following semesters...just as long as you make it through the first one.
    • UMKC's BSN program has about 1200 clinical hours (this is also why the program is 3 clinical years instead of the "normal" two years at most universities for a BSN). The next closest one as far as number of clinical hours (in the metro-area) is about 900 hours (I'm not sure what school this is).
    • The UMKC BSN program has a "Capstone" clinical project in the last semester (basically like an internship). You get to bid for your top choices and you are given an assignment based on your GPA (the whole class gets ranked by GPA for this matching process). Then when you get your location (hospital and area of speciality) assigned, you are paired with an RN there, and you work one-on-one with him or her for the duration of the internship! That's awesome!
    • There are a good number of men in the program , and they have what sounds like a VERY good support system! They have meetings once a week (which, if you volunteer also can count as "leadership hours" in your senior year when you are required to get leadership hours). There are similar programs for us women-folk too.
    • The advice from students was great! There was encouragement that non-traditional students can make it in the program (this advice came from a second degree-nursing student who is a little older than your average "19-year old" college student). One student said that you just need to take the program seriously (there were a few students in the back of class that were talking over the was a good time to make that point )...he was really sincere though, he said that he isn't your average super-student (so-to-speak) but that as long as you try and get as much contact with the subject material as possible (go to class, go to clinicals, read the book, etc) you will do fine! Another student gave a brief counterpoint (she seems to be a bit like me, having a mini heart-attack over scores in the low-90's...), she said that she wished someone would have helped her realize she could RELAX A LITTLE! She goes in the opposite direction and said you really CAN enjoy the experience and not over-worry so much.
    • One of the things that stood out to me the most was that the students all seemed HAPPY and (even the seniors) really enjoyed their time in the program. They all were really close (even in different classes, seniors and 1st-years, etc).
    • All-in-all, I was really encouraged by their visit and REALLY appreciated hearing what they had to say to us.

    There was more they said but this was the part I remember the best. If anyone has any questions I would LOVE to try my best to answer them from what the students said...or since I am in a class at UMKC, I could use your question as an excuse to go "digging" for some more answers (good for me, good for you )!
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    (I possibly should have made this a blog about this subject instead...? Staff: is it possible to move this to a blog posting?)

    So exciting news!!...I GOT ACCEPTED to the traditional BSN program at UMKC starting this Fall 2011 (class of 2014)!!!!!I could hardly believe it when I got the letter of acceptance. What a great moment!

    I didn't take any classes this summer, which has been nice. My Nursing classes start August 22. On August 15th we have a Clinical Jumpstart Day. So far everything has fallen into place as necessary...with only one scary moment: when my Doctor's office couldn't find my first record of Hep B shot (this was at the appt for my 3rd and final shot which was due in 4 days or I would be dropped from the program!!)....yikes!! They finally found the record after an hour and a half of me sitting in the exam room wondering what in the world was going on.

    So, as far as all the preliminary requirements, I'm all set. Now, the real fun begins...intense study & lots of learning, humbling, and growing!
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    Hi...thanks for all your insight on UMKC I am in topeka and finishing pre-reqs to possilby apply I am a second degree seeker not sure if I should do the accleerated or not it seems the same 4 semester using summers as the traditional on here at washburn that takes two achedemic years but no summers.

    any advice on either the travel time will get me I wonder if I took the traditional route if I would not have to spend as much time in everyday and be home sooner, I have three kids.

    Hows it going this is your first week.
  6. by   MoreThanAJob
    It's so good to hear a little of your story and plans!

    Both the traditional route and the accelerated track are great programs at UMKC, even for a mommy of three! The two programs aren't much different in every-day demands. The accelerated is required to go during the summers for time sake--as you know-- and the traditional program is 3 years long whether you have finished every extra gen ed class or not. If you already have a bachelor's degree (in any field) I would say that the accelerated choice could be a really good option for you (I'll explain a little more below). This next coming class for the accelerated program will be in their program for 24 months (as you may already know), that's a change from the current (and previous) 18 months. It's a lot of work, but it can definitely be worth it if you can sacrifice the time. Starting with this year's students the accelerated students have been integrated into classes with us traditionals. It seems that, so far, their daily schedule is pretty much the same as ours through the regular semester.

    My current schedule has me in school Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8am til noon'ish, and Friday and Saturday mornings for labs (there were other options for labs too--some students "stacked" their Monday's full, for example). The drive from Topeka area could be a little challenging for you (about an hour with good traffic)---and especially with three little munchkins at home!! One BIG reason I would say UMKC is a really good program and worth the significant sacrifice is that the program has about 1200 clinical hours (check around, that's significantly more than most RN programs in our areas). If you are able to do it, the accelerated program also has the added benefit of even smaller clinical groups (more one-on-one'ish) than ours.

    UMKC's nursing students also have a really good reputation with KC hospitals, even KU often hires UMKC's nursing student graduates before their own KU grads (generally, it is believed that this is b/c of the amount of clinical time we come out of the program with). If you think it is vitally important for your family to have you home during the summers, I would say the "extra" year of the traditional program may be worth it instead of the accelerated. I'm not sure if you also have a job (that would be an added time constraint of course)...but, there are quiet a few mommies (and daddies!) in our accelerated program, and I know that is like a full-time job next to school.

    I work about 16-18 hours/week and have to arrange my schedule to be able to not be away form home longer than 6-7 hours in order to let my "furry children" outside (I have two wonderful Sheltie dogs), and with the 15 credit hours of first semester, it still all seems doable for me. I am a pretty disciplined student. We don't have a T.V., and I don't mind HOURS of studying (plus I only have laundry for one person right now while the hubby is overseas with the military)...SO...
    ...all that to say, I think if you are willing to sacrifice for the 2 or 3 years it takes, the UMKC program (either one) is very doable and very worth the effort. But, it really IS a sacrifice and requires time. If you have family who can care for the babies for a little while and help you get through school it would make it a lot easier of course, but that's not always possible. I would say do the best for your family. If that means staying nearby, that may be better in your case. You'll still be an RN in the end, and it's really up you YOU what kind of nurse you're going to be no matter what school you end up attending!

    I really wish you the best!!
    Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions anytime!
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    OMG you are such a sweetie and so helpful...knowing that your schedule is MW mornings and FS mornings is a huge benefit...I do not work I am a Stay at home mom my oldest two (twins) are in school but my youngest is at home with me. It will take me another year to finish pre-reqs because I'm taking it slow to be home with him. Do you think I could do the traditional route to be home with my kids in the summer and only do the core nursing courses....hmmmI think I'll check the website again and call on that but I'd love your insight too. Actually the accelerated option doesn't seem as acclerated as some others at 24months jeez...most finish in 12. Thanks again and any info anytime is helpful. Hope your hubby is safe and home soon...good luck to you
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    O' I'm so glad that was helpful. Yes, you are correct, the accelerated doesn't seem very "accelerated" compared to other programs that do complete in 12-18 months. I think they might be adding open summers in there...don't quote me...that could just be a rumor.

    Doing the traditional route will guarantee you summers off if you had completed all your general ed and pre-reqs prior to the nursing program (GE: History, Psych, Human G&D, Nutrition, College Algebra, language, etc // Pre-req's: Microbiology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology [can be taken as the combined class for UMKC], etc.).

    You would then only have your core nursing classes, yes. You can take certain classes like your nursing electives (1-2 credit classes) during summers if you want to, but can finish the program if you were to only go to school during the semesters. The schedule is actually very nice. And, I have to say, if you are geared toward this type of learning (the body & science, etc) 15 credits in this program is much different than 15 credits of Algebra, History, and those types of classes. Our classes very much overlap, so the material is repeated in various ways making it more readily absorb-able.

    I'm not sure if you've been to one of the BSN information meetings yet, but if you bring your completed classes they will look them over and tell you if everything should transfer and if you are missing anything.

    I am very excited for you (wherever you end up attending)! Please feel free to ask me any questions throughout your "journey" if any come up!
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    Do any of you who got accepted last year or the year before, remember the month/date of when you got the acceptance letter? Was it certified mail or just in your mailbox?
  10. by   knondrejka

    anyone know when they got their letter?
  11. by   amandalynn
    I just received my acceptance letter from umkc yesterday!!!! My only concern is that I applied to MNU(midamerica nazarene university) in Olathe. I have 2 small children and the umkc program is 3 years and the MNU program is accelerated and completed in 1 year. Should I go to umkc because of the reputation or MNU because of how soon you can complete that program! I'm so confused.
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    I know, this post is old however I have a few questions. Whats the tuition for the TO BSN? What was your gpa, if you dont mind me asking? What pre reqs did you take? I currently go to blue river and transferring to UMKC for their a&p I, II since its highly recommended. I'm only concerned that after I transfer in the fall '13 that I won't get accepted when I do apply. My second choice is St. lukes SON. I looked at research and their yearly tuition is 25k. Can you minor with UMKC BSN program? Do you recommend I finish my gen eds first? I'll have my cna license in december and plan on volunteering at St.Luke's.
  13. by   Research4Schools
    Hi so I'm doing research for my schools! I know this post is old but that makes it even greater because you've graduated!!!!๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ How was the program?? Is UMKC known well for their nursing program? I have a friend who went to UMKC for a different schooling and she said it was horrible so I'm hoping their nursing program is Gr8!