Concorde career

  1. Does anyone have any experience with this school?

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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    I have never heard of Concorde Career. Could you explain more about it? I'm assuming it's along the lines of other career/technical institutes, which I think are a scam because they charge extremely high prices for a certificate that their students could get at a fraction of the cost from a community college (or sometimes even on-the-job training is all that is required).
  4. by   RJ---RN
    Yes, I have heard of them. Be cautious.
  5. by   Alibaba
    don't know about concorde in missouri, but I went to a concorde in tx for my LVN. Yes,,,it's very expensive, but they also have more incoming classes per year compared to community colleges. All the complaints about concorde can be said about every nursing program I know. IMHO, as long as you do what your instructor wants you to do and lay just below the radar till graduation, then what does it matter what school you went to if you've passed the NCLEX? Believe me that $20k you spend for the program (less if you can get your job to throw you a bone) pays for itself in no time at all. BTW, most of their classes like A&P and soc. are not transferable to other schools. Good luck!