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  1. Hi. I've applied to all the schools in St. Louis offering accelerated BSN programs. My number one pick is Barnes Jewish because I can start in the fall of 2012 instead of May 2012. I graduate in April with a degree in Social Psychology. My GPA is 3.65 and a 3.8 in my upper levels. What are my do you think my chances are of getting accepted to Barnes Jewish, SLU, UMSL, and Maryville? Has anyone else applied to Barnes Jewish for Fall 2012? How long does it usually take them or has it taken them (and all the other schools) to let you know if you've been accepted or rejected? The suspense is killing me! LOL! Thanks in advance for any help offered!!!
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  3. by   ghetiRN
    Hi! I applied to BJ's Spring 2012 program in Aug. 2011 and found out end of Oct. 2011 that I was wait-listed for the Spring and Summer programs and was guaranteed a spot in Fall 2012. I think it ended up taking 6 weeks for the letter to come. My GPA is a little bit lower than yours. Good luck to you! I am sure you will get in!

    Also, I hear ya about the suspense! I was checking the mailbox EVERY day with my fingers crossed!
  4. by   futurenurseya33
    Maybe you should consider the community colleges too. I am in St. Charles Community College right now. I already have a Bachelor of Science so I didn't want to add to my debt. Took about a year to get in as well and its significantly less expensive.
  5. by   Podmasta
    I also applied to the ABSN at Barnes for Fall 2012...and it's taking them forever to get back to me! When I called the office a couple of weeks ago they said there was no decision made yet, so I've just been running to the mailbox every day xD

    Have you heard yet?? I'd love to know how long it's taken people who applied for the fall. My application was complete in September, and they originally told me 8 weeks but it's been more like 9-10 now.

    Your GPA is awesome, and I'm sure you'll get in somewhere great Make sure to let us know what happens! If anyone has heard from Barnes for the Fall of 2012 yet, it would be great to hear how long it took and if they're waitlisting.

  6. by   CROFIRE
    Good to hear from you guys! Thanks so much for your replies!!! It's good to know I'm not the only one who's skipping to the mailbox everyday!

    futurenurseya33 - I've considered Community Colleges but I'm in a kind of unique situation. I have to attend a school that starts in the after June and finishes in one year. I'm in the military (so I have the GI Bill for school costs) and I don't get out of the military until June. So I can't enroll at a one year school if starts while I'm still in. Plus, (lol) it has to be a one year program because chances are my husband will have orders to a different base the fall of 2013. As back ups I've applied to basically all the nursing schools in St. if worst comes to worst I will man up and buckled down to knock out my nursing degree

    Kimm81 - My fingers are crossed I get in the Fall 2012 would be so awesome to get to know you and go through it with ya!!!

    Podmasta - Have you heard anything yet?!?!...I'm still waiting But if you're still waiting that's not a good sign for me lol! I've got my fingers triple crossed for both of us....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   Podmasta
    Good luck to you too Crofire!! I'll let you know as soon as I hear, and please do the same! It sounds like your situation is tough but doable, and it's amazing that both you and your husband are in the military...I have so much respect for you

    I saw you're thinking about Maryville...I don't know much about it, but am I right to think it's two years? I'm trying to consider other options, since it seems like every nursing school has a "record number of applicants"... :P
  8. by   CROFIRE
    I know it's overwhelming to think about all the applicants and so few slots ... but I'd like to think we got this!! What other programs are you looking into or considering?

    Thanks for the respect! I truly appreciate it as does my hubby! Right now he's in Afghanistan...but he should be getting back the first week of January! It would be so awesome if I heard back from BJ before he gets Christmas gifts ever, right lol!
  9. by   futurenurseya33
    Wow that is a unique situation indeed! Good luck to you.
  10. by   jennieb79
    Hi, I am curious if you have heard anything? I have also applied to all 3 accelerated programs. I have been accepted to UMSL. I am waiting on a reply from SLU (they said it should be in tomorrow's mail. I just applied to Barnes Goldfarb last week. I am wondering how long Barnes will take before I get a response. Also, if they offer any scholarships? And if they do, do they send you a scholarship package? And if SLU does this? I have not received any scholarships from UMSL that I know of. I have a 3.85 overall. Thanks! And good luck!! Maybe we will be classmates?!

  11. by   lthai1
    hey kimm81! i also have apply to goldfarb and sadly waitlisted. were you? and if so does it go by quick? i did consider other schools like chamberlain and umsl but it seems like its quicker for me to stick to goldfarb.