Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program - page 5

hey guys! i was just wondering who all on this website is planning on transferring from stlcc and/or applying to the accelerated bsn program @ umsl. does anyone know if we need letters of... Read More

  1. by   WhiteShadows23
    Congrats Lacey and Libra!!! 7 months to go... ;-)
  2. by   WhiteShadows23
    Just curious...does anyone know how many people generally apply and how many they accept for the accelerated program? Someone asked me today and I have no idea.
  3. by   Libra_8
    they take 60! the crazy thing is like 100 people applied for the early admit so it is very likely that ALL of the spaces are filled now. my counsler told me that if they have 60 qualified applicants that they WILL fill all the seats in oct. now that doesnt mean that at least 60 of us was qualified but its likely! she also told me that they usually never have this many applicants for the early admit, she said its usually like 15 or 20.
  4. by   WhiteShadows23
    60?! Wow, that's a lot! I thought it was like 30...I kind of liked the idea of a smaller class size...but oh well! lol
  5. by   ree1986
    Congratulations guys, unfortunately you right, I didn't know that may people applied for the early admit deadline. My letter says I am qualified, but I am #3 on the waiting list. That's good that I am high on the list ,but if that many people applied I am not sure. I can do the traditional track,but I have to let them know before March 01,2010. Hopefully, by then I moved up on the list,so guys wish me luck!! Again congrats to you guys, I am not the sad I didn't get a spot and I consider the traditonal track a good option,since I only have like two more prequisites left to take in the winter.
  6. by   WhiteShadows23
    Hey Ree! Hopefully you'll get in...#3 is a pretty high spot! What classes do you have left to take?
  7. by   Libra_8
    yea Ree! I hope you get in, and i think you will because im sure someone wont have the funds, their grades will drop or someone will find another program. with all the people that applied, #3 is really high up!
  8. by   ree1986
    Right now I am taking AP 2, Microbiology, and Nutrition, next semester I only need to take Chemistry and Growth and Development.
  9. by   WhiteShadows23
    I talked to my advisor today and she said that they only accepted 48...
  10. by   ree1986
    Guess what? Last Thursday,I got my acceptance letter!! Thanks to everyone for their support!! I thought I wasn't going to get in,after finding out I was on the waiting list, and there where a lot of applicants. Now, I need to focus on finals!
  11. by   WhiteShadows23
    Congratulations!!! How exciting!!! See you in May! Good luck on finals ;-)
  12. by   Libra_8
    Ree.... what HGD class r u takin? i got the online one next semester. r u just taking those two next semester? what abt jr. level college writing. Oh and i think theres a lady in my stats class that knows u. but i cant be sure bc i dont know ur real name and she couldnt remember it! n-e-ways if it was u she said u were really nice!
  13. by   davisg01
    Hi all, I just found this thread while I was trying to find out what people were saying about the acellerated program. I will be part of the May '10 class, assuming of course, that this semester goes as planned!