Applied Tech/MET Center LPN graduates?

  1. I'm a newbie here to allnurses and this site is wonderful with TONS of info. any former or current lpns attended applied tech or the met center lpn program? i just started and its fast paced but seems to be going ok. after i finish i'll then start lutheran school for my rn. any info about your experiences or what you thought about the program will greatly be appreciated.
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  3. by   cosmo24
    I am a grad of Applied Tech at South County. Yes it is very fast paced at first. Just hang in there and set up a study
    schedule. It will really help. I also thought I would go right in to Lutheran RN program but was denied due to past college grades years before. They did not care that I had taken all the classes over and gotten A's in them. I also took the tests which you pay $30.00 for and got perfect scores. Do some research on Lutheran before you comit to them. I am going through STLCC. Good Luck with Applied Tech. Things get a little easier when clinical's start.
  4. by   dblpn
    cosmo you would think lsn would give you a break since you've taken the classes over and got A's. did they say why you were denied entrance into the program? if lsn is doing this sort of thing then i'm gonna apply to more than one rn school.
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  5. by   cosmo24
    They said it was my GPA from 18yrs prior. They said I could take the SAT or ACT and start all over again. I was just not ready to do that at the time. I had already given them money to take the tests and application fee. They led me on for awhile. I learned not to put all my eggs in one basket. Hope this helps you.
  6. by   dblpn
    LSN could've told you that before you gave them money. they know not many adults wouldn't want to take a test with a bunch of high school kids. how stupid of them. i wanted to go right into LSN after i left barnes but they had a hold on my transcript so i decided to go the LPN route and go into LSN.
    thank you for the info i really did help me to think about applying to more than one school.
  7. by   cosmo24
    Glad I could help. LSN is a buisness first then a school. That's just my opinion. Good Luck.