NWCC Fall 08?

  1. I'm BA-AAACK! I'm so excited that I got re-accpeted to nursing school for Fall 08! I still have to get the letter, but she told me over the phone that because I was accepted before and based on my GPA and ACT, no problem.

    Anyone else going or trying to go in the Fall of 08? I'm really looking forward to expanding my mind, and now that I'm out of my early 20's (32) and my daughter is a little older, I think I can focus on school and knock it out of the ball park.

    The "plan" is to get my ADN, and then do the RN-BSN bridge program offered at the DeSoto campus through online classes. Alternate option is to get my ADN, get RN and possibly study with a group of homebirth midwives in Memphis.

    I haven't decided yet. I don't have time to do a CNM program, just because there aren't any close enough, but I think going the CPM route will be just as rewarding. Mississippi doesn't require licensure for midwives, but having the credentials means insurance reimbursement (in a lot of cases).

    IF I can find a CNM program that will fit my life and is close enough to attend, I will certainly consider it.

    For now, I just have to focus on getting through one semester at a time and trying to find ways to survive without my current income. The State Hospital has a scholarship program that pays $xx per month, but psych nursing really isn't what I want to do. I know Baptist in Oxford also has a Nurse Tech program and a reimbursement program, but I need some income while I'm in school (not sure if the NT program pays or not).

    I'm still exploring my options at this point. Any advice or direction would be MOST appreciated.

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  3. by   WanaBaNurse
    Hey! Just wanted to say congrats!!

    I'm starting the ADN program at Hinds Allied Center this Spring 08'!!!! Soooo excited!!! Kinda have the same plan as you ADN to BSN then hopefully on to my Masters....long road, but looking forward to it. I'm 26 now (month away from 27) so if I can get done with my Masters by the time I'm 35 I'll be happy :spin:

    I almost did the psych route b/c of the benifits, but found out you cannot receive them until you have completed a semester. I've now changed my mind and am seeking a scholarship program with one of the hospitals. The benifits are not as good, but I'm also really scared to go to school for so long then lock myself into psych.

    Good luck in whatever you choose!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   ERRN92
    Hi. I was just browsing the site and saw your post. i graduated from nwcc in 92. Great program but dont underestimate it. It will consume ALOT of time in and out of class. Your personal life will come to a halt. If you have a good support system through friends and family it will help. I wouldnt suggest starting any job (even part time) until you've been in the program a few weeks and see how much spare time you really have. Good Luck.
  5. by   KimStoops
    Hi. I am new to this group. I will be starting the NWCC RN program in Fall 2008 as well. I can't believe I got in on my 1st try. I have heard of so many people that have to try & try. I just have to figure out a babysitter for my 2 babbies (2 yr, 7 mts)
  6. by   kms1978
    I have to agree with TRC's post - you may want to wait until you are in the program a few weeks - at least through your 1st test - to see how much free time you will have. I just graduated in May 2008, and I worked part time, but not the 1st semester.

    The instructors will tell you NOT to work full time while in the program, but part time should be ok. It's a lot of work, but doable. Just don't let anyone scare you TOO much!!

  7. by   2bmalenurse007
    Congrats to all of you

    Wish you all the best of luck; stay focus in hard times.