layoffs at umc

  1. what do yall think of the recent blood lettings at umc? a pal of mine was let go from surgical dept basically was told he had too much time under his belt and was making on the higher end of the rn payscale. basically to old, to educated and paid to well. all you young nurses thinking about getting on there need to remmember this.
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  3. by   lovelyb26
    oh my, this scares me. especially since i'm about to get my adn first.
  4. by   HealthyFuture
    I used to work there myself. It was crazy how bad things got. They were laying people off left to right. Floors were understaffed and the work got scary. PPL were calling in a lot, using sick leave, and late all the time. Which made it easier for HR to fire some people. I left on my own because I wanted to go back to school. All Lpns were laid off. Some Rns. Mostly people who didn't have their bachelors degree because the job had been asking for years for nurses to get their bachelors and offering to help pay for it. But the good thing about most hospital jobs is that where one hospital couldn't appreciate you, you could practice some where else possibly for a better pay with the right amount of years under your belt.
  5. by   amandagayle
    why do they layoff and steadily hire more people?
  6. by   geminiLPN-2bRN
    All LPNs at UMC were not laid I worked on a Med/surg unit and there were about 5 more of us up there. I left for other reason and not because of the staffing because it wasnt bad on my floor. My fellow LPNs are still there. If they were hiring LPNs at all I would probably go back PRN because I really loved working there.
  7. by   rncat2000
    Hey all, I know this is an old post but let me asure you that they did not lay off all the lpn's nor did they lay off rns with their associates. The people that were layed off were people in jobs that were redundant or not necessary for the running of the hospital. We never missed the folks that were layed off because they were not necessary to run our floor.
    There was a mixture of nurses, lab techs, pcts, and office staff. The layoffs cut across every type of work there was.
    But let me assure you that they are hiring both BSN and ADN rns right and left. How do I know because I work there, both before and after the layoffs happened. So feel safe in applying here. You will see stuff here that you will never get the opportunity to see elsewhere!