Choosing The LPN track over RN

  1. I have researched this site and a few others in order to make a career change. My husband and I have two children one 13 year old and one 14 month old. I am currently a biology teacher, and have wanted to get into medicine years ago. I was premed in college, and I never took the curriculum for pre nursing, so there are classes that I am lacking.
    I would need A&PI/II and Micro. and lab and most Ms. schools want me to take College Algebra and Gen Chem again, because of how long it's been since I graduated.
    My husband and I can only afford one year with me out of work. I have chosen the LPN track, and have applied to Hinds, and I will apply to the others as soon as our Christmas break starts.
    I must brush up on Algebra I'm told, over the break in order to take the NET. If there is anyone in the LPN program on this site, please give me some info. about it. I am applying to the VBurg campus. Is it easier to get in to Vburg? Is it easier to get into LPN versus RN? Is it true that I can get an RN online after I get my LPN license, and it will only take a year? Does St.D., CMMC, River Region, and UMC, employ online RN's? And lastly, can I find work as an LPN with no experience at the hospitals that wrote about , and if so how much can a fresh newbie out of school make as an LPN?
    I want to work as soon as I pass the NCLEX, and I want to do the online RN or the Vburg bridge program twice a week and every other weekend. What I don't know is how long the evening LPN bridge program will take, it looks like a year from what I read on the HindsCC site.
    If anyone has any comments or answers, I would so appreciate a shout. My final plan is to do the 1 year UMC nurse educator track, so that I could teach and practice at the same time.:hatparty: :smilecoffeecup: :icon_hug:

    Thanks ,
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  3. by   Dabuggy
    I can't answer most of your questions, but I do know I went to and refreshed my math skills to place out of math for my RN program. It does not matter what level you are, just go there and start working.

    Here in Michigan, not many hospitals will hire LPN's, atleast not in the Oakland, Macomb and Roscommon counties. Take as many online classes as you can, take a few evening classes, maybe even a sat class.

  4. by   MS Kathy
    Hey QueenMum,

    Almost any way you look at it, this will be a more than 1 year course study. I didn't look up LPN coursework at Hinds - I know they have a course though. Do you need those prerequisites done to apply for that program?

    I will see a friend on Monday who is in Hinds LPN program. I'll ask her how long it took her.

    On this page
    HCC - LPN to RN Option
    for the LPN-RN bridge program you have to complete the prereqs before the program.

    I know that Hind's RN waiting list is long and many wait semesters to get in.
    Co Lin Wesson campus????? may be a place to look also.

    I could not wait the waiting period and retake all my prereqs. I applied to Alcorn - Natchez Campus and spent a semester at Hinds taking Micro, Speech, College Algebra, and US History. And then went straight into the BSN program (they have an ADN program also.)

    You didn't mention but you do have a bachelors degree already right? If so then some places may work with you on not having to retake those other classes. I also didn't have to tak an entrance exam (NET or whatever).

    I'm sure you've researched it, but search for a place that will work best for yoi and your fam. I'd be afraid that I'd go and be an LPN and then make less than I would teaching. Many places hire LPNs but here in Vickburg, many of those positions are in long term care.

    Online programs- if you were eligible to sit the NCLEX and passed I don't think where you went plays into it much.

    Gotta run- I'll get back to you tomorrow.
  5. by   MS Kathy
    Oh and also - Nurse Educator is a Master's level program if I'm not mistaken. So you would also have to bridge from RN- BSN (a 1 year online program at ASU I know- and maybe a physical program in Vicksburg next year???? I'm not real sure what the new program does.) So you have to take into account all of that time.
  6. by   QueenMum
    Thanks so much for the input....My bachelors is in Biology my minor is Chemistry, lacking Micro, A&P, so I am going to be taking the pre-reqs at Hinds in anticipation for when I bridge after LPN school....but you are right the time is going to be long from here to Nurse educator....But, I just looked at all of the time I've spent not following my dreams. I'll look for your post tomorrow Kathy.
  7. by   LPN0608
    Ya know Holmes CC in Ridgeland doesn't have a waiting list(as I've heard Hinds has a lengthy one). They do a points system. check out their website for more info. I'm in the LPN program because we couldn't afford for me not to work for 2 yrs with a small baby. She's 9 months now and I just finished my first semester. It's has been very challenging but I loved it. We have 2 instructors, they both seem to go out of their way to help students out. I think they take on 35 students every year. They give us a calender that has the whole semester on it(tests, material to be covered that day, clinical days, etc) Holmes also has a bridge program for LPN to RN. I'd be glad to answer any question you have. :spin:
  8. by   LindseyLou2222
    I did the LPN program at Hinds a few years back. It is a 12 month long program, with an abbreviated summer semester. I worked for a few months before deciding to enroll in the LPN-RN bridge program. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  9. by   mslpn210
    I did LPN at JCJC.. new grad, bout to work at Forrest General in post partum.... loved the LPN program .. I too chose LPN because I couldn't afford to not work 2 years .. actually woulda been 3 since I have no pre req's... I want to start on my pre reqs for bridge though
  10. by   MS Kathy
    I didn't forget about you. I just didn't run into my friend the way I normally would over the holidays.

    She got tired of dealing with Hinds and applied to start in the Fall at lousiana tech college??? in Tallulah.

  11. by   wgirl08
    well im in school at MUW for my BSN but i went to the Nursing Summit in jxsn a few weeks ago and i didn't get any information from any vburg area hospitals but i know that River Oaks and CMMC LPNs only make 10-11 dollars right out of school with different amount shift differentials and things like that but usually LPNs get more jobs at dr's offices and nursing homes and other long term care facilities
  12. by   DTC
    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in,,,I live in Jackson and I graduated from HCC, Rankin branch in March of 06. HCC no longer requires college algebra for the RN program. Instead I believe they require English Comp II. DUH. THe waiting list to get into the RN program was so long, I went ahead and did the LPN program. I need 2 more classes and the NET to apply to bridge of to RN next summer. Alot of women in my class chose the LPN prrgram because it allowed them to more quickly get a job and then work towards a RN degree. Good luck!