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Hi everyone.

Well, I graduate tomorrow morning and after that I will never see my entire class in one place again. Over the past month I have begun to realize something. While I hated many aspects of nursing school, I will seriously miss seeing everyone. I made a few friends but not many. For most of the time it seemed like there were not really any cliques until about midway through the 2nd fall semester. I wasn't really part of those cliques, but I did talk to most people in the class a bit. Made a few friends, even hooked up with a couple of cute girls in my class (Yeah I know I broke that rule). Some of those friends are staying in my area to work while some are leaving the state and will be gone forever. I guess my point in all this is that even though I am not buddies with the vast majority of these people, I am going to miss seeing them a few times a week like I did for 2 solid years. We all went through the same crap and we all made it through. Breaking that pattern forever is gonna be hard. Ive never really felt this type of bond with a class of people before. I know I'm not alone but that doesn't seem to help.


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It is always sad knowing that something good is coming to a close and that the people you shared it with will all go on to do different things.

I suggest adding them on Facebook or making a closed group for you and your classmates or something! Maybe see if you guys can all get together for dinner and/or drinks one night to celebrate your time together before everyone goes in different directions.

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What @mirandaaa had said. I definitely miss my "nursing fam" (what we call ourselves). We all had created a closed FB group with only our class at it at the very beginning of nursing school. Just reading this makes me miss my nursing bros. There are 2 that are still my best friends today, but I still miss my other nursing brothers despite being out of school for about 6 months now. Take the iniative to hit up your former cohorts for a lunch or dinner get together!

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Don't worry - your alumni association will make sure you 'stay in touch'. Their first begging for donation letter will probably reach you before the ink is dry on your diploma - :cautious:. They could have found Hoffa. Nursing school is like boot camp. You'll always share a bond due the shared experiences; some of which were pretty intense.

Get out there and do great things so you can have bragging rights at your 10 year reunion.


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Wait.... There was a rule about consensual relationships based solely on physical contact in nursing school? Oops haha, oh well.

As for me, I didn't stay in contact with any of my fellow cohort after graduation. Everyone formed cliques, talked smack about other students, even openly lashed out on other students in class if someone didn't understand something or was being obnoxious, it was literally high school all over again and being I was the only male student in the group, I just stayed to myself and didn't get involved with all the drama that happened. Lots of outlashing comments during group projects, bickering back and forth, it was just like a reality tv show.

My group was great though aside from that. As to staying in contact with them? Rather not for me. I graduated awhile back and never once through about them nor miss them to be honest. Making new friends on the floor is something that will happen and you will be in for a whole new set of "family"


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Ha yeah it was an unofficial rule of sorts. I just assumed that pretty much every guy in our class would get with at least one of the girls by the time it ended but turns out I was maybe the only one who hooked up with classmates. The class badboy I guess lol.

I don't mind not talking to most of them again and 2 weeks removed from graduation I don't miss them that much anymore save the few true friends I made. As far as making friends on the job, that's fine I guess except a lot of them will be much older than me.