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Minute clinics question...


I'm interested in working for one of these retail clinics once i am done with school. I was wondering if they only hire family np's? Or do i still have a chance as an adult primary np?

Neuro Guy NP, DNP, PhD, APRN

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I've seen their postings. Usually FNP only. Plus they limit the conditions that their providers treat, so you really won't treat the full spectrum of family practice patients, just select minor episodic illness


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You'd likely get paid a salary by the clinic, and the clinic management will want to see the max number of patients they absolutely can. That being said, if you cannot see children (and you'd probably see a majority of them in a retail clinic) you'd have to turn patients/clients/consumers/customers away, and retail management doesn't like turning away business.

The thing about working as a provider - the altruism often becomes a backburner pot. A lot of the clinic operation will be arranged (and ultimately devoted) to efficiency. That isn't to say you don't provide quality care. You just have to provide quality care to a lot of patients quickly, lol. And without the use of a lot of resources. It's rewarding though. Some of us psych people are making >225k/yr sitting behind a desk.

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I doubt they'll hire you. I work for MC and as far as I know, all the providers in my state are FNPs. We treat 18 months and up so if you have no less experience, it would be a problem.

Also, Minute Clinic is rolling out expanded guidelines and we will soon be taking on managing chronic illnesses. I forsee a disaster brewing so I'll be heading elsewhere when that happens