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Will be moving to Minneapolis/St. Paul area in next several months. Could anyone recommend a hospital in the area to apply to? I am a ICU RN....


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I know Allina has a website and several hospitals alligned under this organization. They operate hospitals in the Twin Cities area and also Western Wisconsin. Also, there is Regions in downtown St. Paul; my father in law works there as security and he says there are always RN openings to fill. (he is trying to get me to move there and take one so he can get the bonus....hmmm Seattle to St. Paul...um nope). Anyhow I wish you good luck.

Allina's website: http://www.allina.com/ahs/home.nsf

Regions: http://www.regionshospital.com

There are two leads, anyhow. I wish you luck!


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thanks...will check the sites out!


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Say hi to Jesse for us. (and take your LL Bean down jacket!)

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Hennipen County Medical Center


University of Minnesota/Fairview Riverside (consolidated)


North Memorial

Fairview Southdale

.....probably more....I'll keep thinking

St. Cloud has a wonderful hospital. And of course there's the VA.


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thanks ceele....I was looking at the St Cloud hospital and the VA also - can't beat their benefits........

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CCRNAF, I live in a St. Paul suburb and work in a Minneapolis hospital. Please PM or email me if you would like more info.

Welcome to Minnesota! Hennepin County Medical Center... right downtown Minneapolis... level one trauma center... you would see great stuff in our ICUs... and be a county employee...great benefits... :)

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