Why don't I have a job right now?

  1. I know I'm in the same boat as many new grad RN's so I don't want to make it seem like I'm so great and all. I just graduated with my ADN, I come with 4.5 years of LPN experience in a clinic setting, with a strong focus in peds- I looked back over my resume, and tweaked it up a little- but the problem seems to be this: when I first got my LPN, sure, everything was online and I had to apply online...but I could still take my resume to an actual person to follow up, or I could actually call and talk to someone to follow up and tell them about my experience (which at that point was zilch!)

    Now, it's all online, when I try to follow up, I get put through to a different voicemail each time, from different recruiters, whom I'm told aren't even nurses, they don't call me back- ever- when I've tried to go to HR offices to even just hand off my resume in person, I don't even get past the front desk.

    This is getting really agitating- oh and the "kiss off" form e-mails are just great, they make it look like they really looked at your resume and all... ha. I know most of the jobs I'm seeing out there call for experienced RN's, but I'll echo the same song that we've all been singing and that is "how do we get the experience if you don't hire us?!" I'm seeing this even for nursing homes, home health etc... and for clinics, for petesake! I worked in a clinic for 4.5 years right next to (literally) RN's and interacted with them on a daily basis! How do I convey that to whomever is looking at my resume? I mean I put it in there, but if they stop reading at "new grad RN..." then I fear they assume I know nada.

    And to make things even more fun... I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I'm at that point where I can't really hide it much longer. I know that's not going to help me in my search. (Of course I'd rather be a mommy again than be employed anyday... you know what I mean...)

    Just frustrated.
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  3. by   SilvyFillyRN
    You are not alone. There are a lot of us new grads who are in the same boat and it sucks.
  4. by   momandstudent
    Yep, seems as though I've caught a ride on the very same boat!!! :grn:
  5. by   hopebewild
    me too! and to the op, i'm pregnant too so i know how you feel. i am fortunate though in that i am due in less than two weeks so hopefully i will drop the belly fast lol so when i start going in and annoying people in HR I wont still look pregnant.
  6. by   CNL2B
    I'm experienced and employed, so I can't really comment on the new grad difficulty that is going on out there right now. My husband was laid off though (love that economy!) for an extended period of time and started working again in April. He had a huge amount of frustration with the way you have to search for jobs now as well. The online stuff is a huge pain in the butt.

    Sorry, I hope things look up soon for all 3 of you.
  7. by   esunada
    I have problems with the online apps that require plain text or copy and paste. I can't seem to get the format right and I have no idea if what I'm sending is going to look like what they got. I'd hate to not get a job just cause I'm bad at online formatting - hopefully my career counselor can help me with that before I apply to RN jobs one day.
  8. by   edenprairie12
    hi me too, looking for ajob, i passed my RN exam on 3/30/2010 still no job. i feel your pain. iam foregin trained , have 3 years med/surg experiance, whenever i call recruting agency, they require one year experiance in us. i live in minnetonka, i would like to hear how you looking for your job.
  9. by   Robert2012RN
    One resume tip. Just after your Objective," but BEFORE YOUR EXPERIENCE OR EDUCATION, have a section with the header "Qualifications." List a few points, with the first being, "More than four years of experience nursing in a pediatric setting."

    It's the TRUTH, and it may get them to look a little further at your resume.
  10. by   guardcat
    I am in the same boat--got my license at the end of February and still no job but lots of school loans due!!!
  11. by   dcm1245
    Does this not boggle your mind? !!! We hear daily that there is a severe shortage in the Nursing field - can someone point the direction to that unknown location.
  12. by   backinthesaddleRN
    Just so all you new grads don't feel so bad, I have TEN years experience at two of the top ten hospitals in the country! The catch: I haven't worked in 19 years. I went back re-took the boards and got my BLS! I get calls because of my resume and they go like this...."Call us back when you have 6 months RECENT experience" So I, like you new grads, am stuck in a catch-22. How can I get recent experience if no one will hire me without recent experience?
    I took a job with the census and that gave me some recent supervisory experience but I don't think that will solve my problem. Hang in there...Nursing is very cyclical. Good luck to all of you!
  13. by   Rainierr
    You're not alone. Together we stand. We'll be by your side you know we'll take your hand. Just keep smiling. In god's time.
  14. by   Code_VSA
    I'm wondering what is going on too. My daughter graduated with her BSN 13 months ago.....still no job.

    My employer during Nurse's week let the RN's know they will be handing out pink slips over the next 16 weeks, some RN's will have to work different areas and the RN's that will be layed off from the ER will be replaced with LPN's.

    I mean, just how many studies over the decades do they have to do that shows less RN's and higher patient ratio to nurse increase death rates, falls, etc????

    Such bull.

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