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I know I'm in the same boat as many new grad RN's so I don't want to make it seem like I'm so great and all. I just graduated with my ADN, I come with 4.5 years of LPN experience in a clinic setting,... Read More

  1. by   Daisy117
    I am right there with you. I passed my boards last August and have yet to find a job. I have applied for hundreds of jobs since last August and have not even got an interview yet. I also had my resume completely revamped in March and still have heard nothing. What I have heard is that a majority of the local hospitals have eliminated their new grad training programs due to budget constraints. So here we are turning out hundreds of thousands of new nursing grads each year and the facilities here are not willing to take the time to train them. I know a lot of the folks that I graduated with in May 2009 actually had to move to southern states to find work. I unfortunately am not able to do that because my husband is a state employee.

    I am 21 weeks pregnant and my chances of finding a job before I have the baby are going to be even more challenging. I feel all of your frustrations. So the next concern is what is going to happen when all of the nurses who are on the verge of retirement retire and they have not taken the time to train the new grads who are out there. This will lead to no crossover training and a gap between the new grads that they eventually hire and those who remain on the floor. The patients will suffer.
  2. by   noc4senuf
    It is the economy. the news keeps stating that there is a shortage, when it is actually saturated right now. About 3 years ago, I was posting open positions on careerbuilder and couldn't find nurses.... now i get 2-3 calls and multiple applications a week. I don't have a single position open and my voice mail states so. But, the schools keep cranking out the grads. I feel sorry for anyone looking for a position at this time.
  3. by   Pbelle
    I have taken the past two years off from nursing to nurture and help my two teenage daughters negotiate through high school. The oldest will graduate in June, and I've been looking to return to nursing here in the Twin Cities area, and despite numerous applications, cannot even get an interview.

    Last summer/autumn I had two interviews for a nursing supervisor position, and during my second interview, one individual asked why I chose to leave my last position, where I had worked for 22 months - "You look like a job hopper, to me" were his exact words. When I explained my decision, he appeared to not believe me.

    I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should return to my previous profession of sales/marketing, which I did for 20 years prior to earning my ADN and working in telemetry and then insurance nursing services. Are there really that many unemployed RNs in the Twin Cities who are vying for the same positions?

    Thanks for hearing me out!
  4. by   nursemarion
    Taking time off used to be normal with kids, but now it is difficult to get back in as you are seeing. Many people stay on as casual just to keep a foot in the door.

    I would hardly call 22 months job-hopping but I don't know your other background. It is normal to have many jobs over a work lifetime now. Nurses are typically job-hoppers for many reasons including family, boredom, and lack of opportunities. I would keep trying.

    I am very slowly seeing more jobs in my area crop up just since the first of the year, so I am hoping it is a good sign. Lots of competition out there for every job though! If you have marketing skills sometimes for-profit home health and other facilities hire nurse marketing reps. Just a thought because that is the last job I and many others would ever want.
  5. by   Susy Q
    Hello shshipp. Are you still working at Hendrick? I am moving to Abilene and interested in working at Hendrick. Looking for contact with people who work there. Thanks.
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  6. by   Pbelle
    Still looking. I'm done with nursing.
  7. by   MollyG
    Hang in there- you will get a job! Keep your chin up and be open to different hospitals/areas/opportunities.....(have you looked outside the cities at more rural areas?)....you're doing everything right- just a hard market right now...