Wadena or Long Prairie

  1. Hello..
    just wondering if any one is working right now at ANY facility in Wadena or Long Prairie?

    I know those are located in poor counties and was wondering two things:

    1) How are the working conditions

    2) Does your facility offer loan re-payment or tuition reimbursement?
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  3. by   kitty29
    I grew-up in Long Prairie (own some property outside of Little Falls). I have never worked there tho. The nurse manager I did go to college from and I believe she did get reinbursed for continuing her education. It's a small hospital with combo LPN's & RN's...they do have I think 2 or 3 staff doctors and have residents from the cities come; also have a NP.

    The hospital is attached to the nursing home too; and a fairly new clinic.

    Food used to bite !

    That's all I know. Honestly I'd work in St Cloud first.