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  1. after being rejected from the umn-tc, i received a application update form, stating that if i would like to be reconsidered for admission (the next time they are accepting new transfer students) then i should return the form to them stating i would still liked to be considered. what does this mean? will i have a better chance of getting in the next time around with this application update form? did anyone else get this form? i'm really thinking about changing my major out of the health care field altogether because i'm sick of waiting to get into nursing school. i really don't want to wait another year to see if i get accepted somewhere. don't get me wrong, i have always wanted to be a nurse, but i just feel like i'm wasting my time year after year, trying to get in somewhere. i took most of my pre-reqs out of state, maybe that's what's killing my chances, but i feel like with my gpa (3.65), 1 1/2 years cna experience, and bls cert. i would have gotten in somewhere. someone help me! i don't know what i should do.
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    Send it in.

    In effect they are asking you to apply for their waiting list.

    Here is what I did when I was waitlisted.

    1. I kept after the school. (How can I strengthen my application etc.)
    2. Apply to multiple schools. (Admittedly you have missed the regular application deadlines for several schools.)
    a. Emphasize that you really want to be a nurse.
    b. Emphasize that you can start on short notice.
    c. Ask to be placed on their waiting list.
    3. Get your financial aid in order.
    4. Don't limit yourself to BSN only programs. Your goal is to get the RN.

    My mother is a retired nurse educator and she makes the point that students often relinquish their slots at the last minute for ???

    My suggestion is that you should open your possibilities to several schools. (Normandale CC has a June application deadline for last minute fall students.)

    Best wishes
  4. by   waiting11
    Thank you so much for your response! I'll prob. send it in. I'm keeping my options open right now, and looking around for late application deadlines like you mentioned. I guess that's all I can do now. Thank you!
  5. by   casi
    Get yourself on the waiting list. People do drop out last minute. I had one classmate who got the call to join our class the day before classes start.

    It's a little to late for this, but apply anywhere and everywhere.

    If you do want to apply for nursing for next year get into a community college and finish off an Associate in Arts (gen ed) if you don't already have an associate's degree. Having a degree earns you some brownie points with admissions.