U of MN DNP FNP 2018

  1. Anyone apply or in this program? Interview is less than a month away! How was it? What faculty members are likely to do the interview? What is the program like? Pros and cons of the program? From out of state, so any information would be helpful.

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  3. by   sarsoora
    Hi, I just interviewed with the UMN DNP FNP program. I'm guessing you had your interview already? How did it go?
  4. by   kknursing12
    I interviewed as well! Have you heard back at all? I got an email saying I would hear this week!
  5. by   peduncle
    That's as far as I've heard too.
    I figured I'd hear on Friday because they did the same for interview notifications. I remember hearing from them on the last day. Fingers crossed.
  6. by   mtnviews
    I got my response on Thurs morning (2/8) for Women's Health DNP via email. The email surprised me a bit, since I was told in the interview that notification would be by letter.
  7. by   kknursing12
    Did you hear anything? I never received any email.. I'm starting to wonder if I should contact them or something! I just want to know!
  8. by   peduncle
    Haven't heard either. I wonder whether I should contact them Monday or Tuesday. But knowing I'm not the only one tells me they're still working on it. Do you have an idea on how many applied?
  9. by   kknursing12
    Well that makes me feel a lot better. I'm just confused on why they sent out the email saying they'd email us the week of the 5th. I don't know specifics on how many applied!
  10. by   frimpled
    They emailed everyone Feb 8, at least for the FNP program. I got the email that day around 12, and some other friends/coworkers said that they knew people who got their acceptance email that day. I'm not sure about the other programs though, I know the mental health NP program sent out emails earlier. A friend who is in her first year of the program said that they got over 400 applicants this year!
  11. by   kknursing12
    If you aren't accepted to you not get any notification then? I haven't received any email. I am trying to decide if I should email them to verify.
  12. by   frimpled
    I'm not sure, I would email or call to verify. The admissions decision email came from a different email address than the others I've received, so I would check your junk mail folder too, just in case.
  13. by   sarsoora
    I got an acceptance email for the FNP program last Thursday, Feb 8th.