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  1. Hi - does anyone here do the weekends program at St. Kate's or know of anyone who does? I'm curious how long the classes are in the evening and if it meets every weekend. Also, what is the coursework like.

    Thanks in advance for any response to this.
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  3. by   glb1960
    Hey Toots - I graduated from the nights/weekends program at St. Kates in Dec. 2004. The night classes were usually from 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. 3 times a week. Clinicals were on the weekends for 7 - 8 hrs. each day, sat and sun, for 2 - 4 weekends per semester. It took me 3 yrs and 4 mo to get through all my pre-reques and my ASN. It was expensive, @ $22,000, but well worth it, so far. I had to work full time during the day as I have a house payment and everything else that come with being in my early fourties when i went back to school. Hard work, but i pulled it for.

    Good luck, Gary
  4. by   cikatiesn
    I too am interested in any info on St. Kate's evening and w/e program. I just got my acceptance letter from them and a little nervous about the $ it's going to cost, but I'm sure that I'll make that back ten fold. All of the CC's that I've looked into for the 2 year program have such a long waiting list AFTER you get all your prereq's done. I just hope that I've made the right decision.
  5. by   Toots71506
    Hi Lemay 320,

    Are you doing the E/W BSN program? If so, was it hard to get in? Did you have to have close to a 4.0 to get accepted? I have some other questions for you if you wouldn't mind me emailing you directly... I'm not sure how to do that though???
  6. by   Bennie44

    I am interested in the evening/weekend post-bacc program at St. Kate's. I am going to appy for Sept. '08. Is that what you applied for? The deadline for registration is Jan 08. Did you get accepted for that? If so, I didn't know they would send acceptance letters already. If I am wrong on the program you applied for, I am sorry. Congrats on your acceptance!

    Can you or anyone else share what they feel a "qualified" or "desirable" candidate would have? How much weight is put on grades? Essays?

    Thanks in advance for any info!
  7. by   cikatiesn
    Benny-What I was accepted into is the extended evening nursing program. I still need to get my las done, so i'll do that through the first 2 1/2 years of the program and the last year would be my nursing. In all, it'll be a 3 1/2 yr program. This program started taking app's October 1 and I know that they have extended the acceptance until Dec. As for the grades, I am returning to school after 16 yrs (wow, that makes me sound really really old!!), the grades that I do have right now are just from the fall semester, they are really good, but not sure that they would have even shown on my transcripts that were sent over to St. Kate's. My entrance letter was short, to the point of what I wanted out of my education and what I wanted to do when "I grow up". I tend to write with humor, that's how I deal and it seemed to work in my favor. A GREAT candidate is someone who really wants it, show them that!
  8. by   cikatiesn
    I forgot to mention in case you didn't catch it, I'll have my RN ASN degree when done. I hope to someday go on for my BSN, one step at a time!! Good luck Bennie. Did you send in your app yet?
  9. by   Bennie44

    ok, sounds like a different program! I panicked all of a sudden that I was totally behind the 8 ball!

    I have not sent in my app yet. I am waiting to hear from my undergrad school and what pre-req's will transfer. I also have to write my essays. I really want to take my time and put everything in there that I want.

    OH, and you aren't old! I saw your age and I am only 1 year behind you! I feel old too going back to school. I wish when I was in college I had the same desire that I have now! I feel that if I am accepted, I will put so much energy into my coursework and get good grades. Do you have a previous bachelor's degree? If so, in what? I have been teaching for the past 10 years and want so badly to become a nurse. I love teaching, but have always wanted to be a nurse.

    Thanks for your reply and I am sure I will have many more q's for you!
  10. by   PedsRN-07
    hello. I know a girl that have just graduated from saint kates from their Nursing Mobility program and she really recommended that program. She said that they work with you every semester to make sure you are on track and have flexible evening and weekend schedule. The nursing instructor "DO" go with you to the clinical sites.. I got accepted to their Nursing Mobility (LPN to RN) program and am starting next fall 2008. I know it is a bit expensive but it will be worth it in the end. Good luck!!

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