NICU's/NNP schools in the twin cities

  1. I was hoping someone out there from Minnesota could help me out. I may be relocating to Minneapolis and I need to know more about the NICU's in the twin cities area. I am not familiar with the area as I've only been there once (last week). I currently work in an extremely high acuity NICU and I love my job. I'm hoping to find something as similar as possible. Do you know of the BEST NICU in the area? Children's hospital, or otherwise. I would like to find the hospital where they get the "tranfers", the really sick kiddos, heart kids, surgery babies, etc.

    On a slightly different note, I am also interesting in getting my Neonatal Nurse Practitioner degree sometime soon. In my research I can only find one school in all of Minnesota! College of St. Catherine. Do you know of any others? do you know anything about that school? Do you know if the NICU's there even utilitize NNP's? Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   Hodge
    University of MN and Metro State also offer NP programs. I think a few other private colleges do as well. There is a children's hospital in Mpls. I think it is associated with Abbot Northwestern......
  4. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I have heard good things about Children's (both Mpls. through Abbott Northwestern Hospital and St. Paul through United Hospital). We had very good experiences there with our son when he was a baby too. Staff there seemed real happy.
  5. by   TIFFY_RN2BE
    I go to St.Kate's but I am a pre-nursing student and know of their np programs I would suggest calling or making an appointment to talk with someone in the Nursing dept. Can always check out somethings online at Hope this helps!
  6. by   neonatalRN
    I am a NICU nurse at HCMC. NNPs do almost all of the rounding/ordering in our unit, the docs are hardly there. It is not as high acuity as some others in the area. I would recommend Children's Hospital, either Mpls. or St. Paul, St. Paul has private rooms in its NICU. The others in the area include North Memorial, and the University of Minnesota-Fairview hospital. U of M-Fairview and Children's-Mpls. would have the highest acuities, they both do ECMO and take cardiac patients.

  7. by   neoRN
    Hi! I currently work in a Level III NICU at North Memorial, we provide care for neonates 23 weeks gestation and greater, but we currently do not provide nitric or high-frequency ventilation. Children's, in Minneapolis, is most likely what your looking for. I also wanted to let you know that I am currently in school finishing my BSN and plan to immediately enter the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner-MSN program at St. Kates after graduation. St. Kates is the only college in Minnesota that offers an NNP program. Hope this helps!

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