Moving to Rochester, MN Feb, 2012!!?

  1. Hi Everyone I'm new to this website and a soon-to-be new graduate. I'm 23, female- I will graduate with my RN-BSN from Northern Michigan in 15 days. I got a job at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and I start on February 13th, 2012. I am nervous because I am moving there alone and I don't know anyone. Is anyone moving to Rochester or live in Rochester who can tell me a little bit about Mayo, the city- things to do, apartments, ways to meet people/socialize.!? Thank you Kelley Alyda.
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  3. by   KCRustin

    I don't live there but it's a beautiful city. It's a wonderful little city with a lot to offer. Try and get involved after you feel comfortable in a church or organization to meet people if you need to. Everyone there is definitely Minnesota Nice.
  4. by   meatballexperience
    Hey there! I am a new grad who just moved to Rochester in October. I'm 28 and moved my husband and two kids here as well. I'm from Missouri, it's been quite a change, much smaller, but I really like it here. I have no regrets, I really love working at Mayo. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  5. by   hwisconsin
    Hello! I am 22, also a new grad, that is starting at Mayo Clinic in January. I am also looking for more information on Rochester. Anyone have any insights on places to live? Kelley, maybe I'll see you around!
  6. by   hwisconsin
    Also, if you are looking for a roommate, let me know! I also do not no anyone in the area and am coming from Madison, Wisconsin.
  7. by   alyda
    Thank ya'll!
    Are you really looking for a roommate!? I am def. interested. Add me on f-book! Kelley Artley.
  8. by   ChesterMcE89
    Rochester can be a tough place to live if you don't know anyone- I moved here when I graduated from HS in 2008 and really struggled the first couple years, until I got started in my nursing program and met some really good friends (you already know how going through nursing school brings you together).
    My advice is to move in with someone similar in age/interests to you (same gender too). If you have a family member here, don't move in with them, it will discourage 'branching out'. (I moved in w/ my sister, free rent was nice, but hard to make friends).
    As creepy as it sounds, search craigslist for places to live if your having trouble finding someone. You'd be surprised by how many young nurses and health care professionals are looking for a roommate, and if they work at mayo, they are probably not a creep and can obviously pass a background check (always a positive)
    Be outgoing! going out for dinner and drinks is fun here because there is a nice downtown area.
    If possible, try to live as close to mayo/downtown as you can- it makes it a lot harder to get together with people when you live on 'the north side' or in my case 'the south side' as was my case.
    I've been in your shoes! if you have any questions, just ask, i'd be happy to help!
  9. by   pablom
    Hi!!! I just have arrived Rochester. Im going to spend one month at the mayo clinic. I would like to meet people to talk and exchange experiences. Im from Spain. My name is Pablo. Does anybody know if there is any pub to meet people to talk with?
  10. by   ittran
    Hi guys! Not sure if any of you still check this thread or still come on to this site. But I'm a new grad graduated last week and in the process of looking for jobs out of state (I'm currently in AZ). I would really love your input on how you score a position at Mayo any advice would be awesome.