Allina Question: Can I get several months off: not tell the reason?

  1. I have a private matter to attend to a year and a half after I started work in an Allina hospital as a new grad RN. I have done OK so far and if it wasn't for this, my job is not at risk.

    However, I am nervous about asking, in case they ask my reason - and this is a very personal matter.

    I won't be able to offer them evidence of some family medical need like a new baby as there are no provable such needs. (I could say sick parent, if saying so doesn't require doctor proof and is OK to ask to get the time off in advance. ) So, I am asking anonymously.

    I know 3 months will be too long for a "vacation" as I already took a 3-week vacation last year, (partly paid).

    Any experience with what the leave policy is when you can't be frank about why you need it.

    Would Allina allow a leave of absence - with only a few months notice - but without having to say why?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I doubt that you can get by on your supervisory chain/human resources good will for that length of time for a personal leave of absence but worth a try.
  4. by   HeySalad
    you would most likely qualify for FMLA, provided your reason is covered by the laws. I'm sure you will have to get the appropriate medical provider to complete the forms. I know when I process FMLA, medical reason is disclosed to HR but not to the department. I would read up on your HR policies regarding leave of absence.
  5. by   abrimey
    I would encourage you to reach out to a union steward in MNA - they are a great help and know leave policies. HR is fine but at the end of the day, they're not there do advocate for you the way your MNA folks are. And MNA will handle your inquiry with confidentiality while HR may not do so (as far as their own ends go).
  6. by   Have Nurse
    Well, your employer does have the right to know if you expect them to assist you. You wouldn't have to give details but since it's their calendar you are affecting, you can't be too cloak and dagger.