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Hey all! I'm really hoping to get some advice to help me out! I have a Bachelor's in Human Nutrition and want to go back to school to be a nurse. I'm not opposed to joining the military to do so - but it's not my ideal choice at all. I understand this forum is for those wanting to join the military as a nurse - but I thought some of you might have some suggestions based off your experiences.

My husband is in the military - Marines - and just starting flight school. Therefore, we have no idea what our lives will look like for the next 1.5 to 2.5 years. Especially because he won't know his aircraft for another 9 months - which makes a big difference in where he goes for more training and what bases are an option after. Here are a few options I've researched and thought about. Any and all suggestions are so appreciated.

1. Accelerated BSN Program - pros - only takes 12 months - cons - expensive, requires me living away from my husband (due to our constant change of living location due to training).

2. Get a CNA certification just so I can start getting experience and wait to do an accelerated BSN program when we are more settled.

3. Get an LPN certification so I can start getting experience and possibly do an LPN to RN and then RN to BSN program later. Or an accelerated BSN program later.

I understand the first option seems to make the most sense - I'm just having a hard time with it. My husband and I just finished long distance dating and got married only a few months ago and are finally together. So the idea of being apart again is not fun. Therefore, I'm just really trying to see if there's any other option. If not, I can accept that. But not until I look at all my options.

Thanks in advance for the help and advice!

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I would probably work on your pre-reqs (there's probably 4 or 5 classes you need to take before you can start and spend some time with him for a year first. What's the rush? The accelerated BSN is the quickest if you have the money. Many partially online programs let you do clinicals at any hospital near you and would allow you to move...look into that.

This doesn't really have anything to do with military nursing unless you are planning on join the military or government service. I vote to move to another thread.


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Great idea! Thank you. I do actually have most of the pre-reqs already because I was a pre-allied health student as well. So I have Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, Biology and Psychology. The one class I know I have to take is an Anatomy class - which I'm in the process of signing up for. Any other classes you would recommend? I know a lot of the accelerated BSN programs I've looked at require a variety of other random classes that I don't have - but none of them are consistent - except in the classes I already have with the exception of the anatomy class. One program requires a random psychology class (not the general one) and another requires a development through the lifespans course. But I haven't found consistency in that requirement.

If I need to move this to another thread. Please do let me know! I just know that lot of people who go into the military have done their schooling beforehand and might have some good suggestions and are more familiar with military lifestyle than people on other threads! Thanks again!

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This doesn't really have anything to do with military nursing unless you are planning on join the military or government service. I vote to move to another thread.

She was directed here for exposure to military people who might be able to answer her question, but she's also posted elsewhere so this will stay here. :)


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Thank you for your assistance!

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I don't have any recommendation except find a flexible program that works for you and stick to it. I think Walden and Excelsior have been used extensively by military personnel I know, but I went the traditional route and have no personal experience with those programs.

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If you can afford it, get your degree quickest. You can always join the military later. Depending on your husband's location, there should be chances to work as a civilian nurse. That way you will have a portable skill as you move around. Good luck.

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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of resilient military spouses \^~^/ I can't reveal much about my situation d/t OPSEC but this is my advice. It has always been regardless married/single/military/looking for fulfilling career. EDUCATION will always benefit you =) With that being said, please go to nursing school NOW, especially if you do not have kids yet. If you do, then do an online course if possible.

1. Married to the military have many benefits.

a. you do not have to pay for out of state college fees

b. you do not have to use his GI bill and apply for many scholarships

c. mycaa can help you fund for your prereqs

d. "easier" for you to get a job on post/military hosp/VA as civilian -- it's in brackets for later advice ;)

2. BSN = more pay; work harder now so you can play harder later schpeeel

3. Being apart is hard; I know. Multiple deployments later, it never gets easier. Look at the BIG picture... what will benefit YOU (and sure, him) in the future? He should accept your choice to get your school because isn't he doing the same thing with his career?

There are many milspouses (men and women) I know that went through online programs without much difficulty. Duke, WGU, and UT Arlington are very supportive with milspouses.

I hope this helps =) Good luck to your endeavours!


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Thank you so much for all of your advice! Very helpful. Thanks again!