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I.m a registered nurse both in U.K and in U.S. I'm interested in migrating to canada to settle with my husband. I have been advised to apply to the canadian embassy in the u.s for the skilled worker program. Do I need to secure employment in canada before I can apply for canada permanent resident through the canada embassy in U.S?. What is the process for securing employment with a reputable hospital that will be willing to offer you employment for the purpose of satisfing the requirements for the skilled labore program.? Is the canadian exam rigorious?. Would they accept transcripts already verified by the U.S nursing board?. Should I apply to the embassy while I go through the process of registration and employment at the same time?. I need help.


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I do not think you can work until you get a permit or are a citizen. It might be different for nurses though. I have some friends who married and moved up there and are not allowed to work and it has been over one year. look into is closely before you make a move.



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Well, as an American RN, I was told by the nursing board of BC that I should apply for licensure and as a US RN I will be issued an interim permit and at that point can apply for jobs. once I am offered something, I take that offer of employment to the immigration people and will be issued a work permit.

So I think your first step is to apply for licensure - unfortunately you have to take the canadian exam at some point.

Chekc out the website healthmatch BC it has alot of info.

good luck


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I agree with Sanfran, you should be talking to the college of nurses in the province you are interested in going to as well as immigration.

Good Luck!

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