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I am currently taking microbiology and physiology and received a a low C on my first physiology exam. Since the information is increasing in difficulty, I am really doubting that I will be able to receive a decent grade in the course. I am in the process of applying to ABSN programs and wondering how poorly it would reflect if I received a W and then retook it in the winter. I have already submitted applications for some schools and I am not sure how they would react if I notified them that I would be dropping physiology and retaking it in the winter. I currently have A's in all my other prereqs, and these are my last 2. Most programs I am applying to require at least a B in all science prereqs.

My question is: should I strive for a B now or receive a W and strive for an A during winter? Physiology would be my only course during the winter session, so I would be able to dedicate all my time to it. Since the course is only 5 weeks, I probably will not be working either. I feel like I am losing too much sleep with working 30-40 hours per week and having to study. I know other students have kids and family to take care of etc, so big kudos for you guys who are able to keep it up!


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It just depends on the program you're applying to. You should ask them what their repeat policy is and what are Ws considered. I know some schools consider W as a failing grade whereas other schools consider them as a C. Some schools completely replace your grade (most private programs).


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My program only allows one W in the sciences. After that, a student is disqualified from applying to the program.


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Five weeks is a short period of time to earn an A or a B. I would consider dropping, then repeating in spring. A sixteen week term lessens the pressure.

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Definitely check with your programs to see their policies on Ws first. Then I would also double check with the teacher on the own policy of them withdrawing a student past the withdrawal deadline. I say that because, for instance, my school allows a teacher to sign off on withdrawing a student past the withdrawal deadline should they choose to. My anatomy and physiology teacher has said he will withdraw us at any time, even if you take the final and write on the paper to withdraw you if you don't achieve at least an XX%. If you have that option I might stay in the class to be exposed to the material once all the way through and then retake. Physiology is tough though, I'm not sure I would do it during a 5 week course.