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Hi, I'm new here. I'm finishing my BSN this spring and am applying to a CNM program, hopefully to start this fall. Got called for an interview in a couple of days and suddenly I'm nervous. Does anyone have any insight about midwifery school interviews they could share? What questions can I expect? What should I be sure to mention? What to wear? (only half kidding on that last one - my mom says "midwifey clothes" - what does that mean?)



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For my CNM school interview I wore my favorite GAP turtleneck sweater, nice pants, and a soft scarf...

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you want to wear a suit, fine, but remember your interviewer is trying to get a picture of YOU. Be yourself!

And good luck!


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I think your mom is thinking about Birkenstocks and peasant tops :) Which is NOT what I wore, btw.

I think I wore a twinset sweater and a skirt. The professor who interviewed me had on the Birkenstocks :)

I was asked "why midwifery" and "why this particular school". Be sure you have good reasons for each.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!


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I am in a direct entry program so they were probably looking for slightly different stuff in my interview. I wore a snazzy black suit. I love that suit and I never get to wear it so there was no way I wasn't wearing it (in fact I was pregnant and had to leave the top button undone :) ) It in no way reflected my personality.

I think it was my background knowledge and experience (doula, volunteer work, 2 kids of my own) that got me in. I had a plan for what I wanted to do - work with underserved populations. I think great patient education, teamwork, and empowerment of women will make a huge difference in some people's lives and I hope to be the one to make that difference.

I also think my enthusiasm was a real boost for me. There are some people I know who go into NP programs and some CNM hopefuls who are doing it for the money and I believe a real passion for the job will help you stand above.

This post got me all fired up all over again :) Am I in?

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wear clothes you feel comfortable in, but do look "professional"- my interviewer wore birks as well.

i'd add that boning up on a midwifery issue or 2 is always helpful. has your school done any interesting research? developed protocols or excelled in some area? i'd also review info on faculty and see if there is anything you can read (written by them) before going to the interview. ask questions about financial aid!!!!

and i echo the sentiment- be yourself, enjoy yourself and enjoy the school as well-


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Can't really help you with the interview questions but I would also dress professionally.

I hope to be in your shoes before too long! Best of luck to ya!


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I actually have a phone interview for the Frontier School of Midwifery coming up soon. Glad to do it over the phone and not in person. I'm an L/D nurse and have been for 14 years, I'm also finishing up my BSN, but this summer. I'm planning on starting their midwifery program in the fall. I agree with everyone else, be yourself. Good luck.

Congratulations on your interview! Frontier is a great school.


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