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Midterm/test reviews?


Hello all, just looking for some input from anyone that can help! What is/was your nursing school's policy on reviewing midterms, tests or finals? Could you set up a time with the professors, or did they do reviews in class, or was a drop-in time offered for anyone who wanted it?

I'm asking because in most of our classes our instructors refuse to review our tests or midterms in class and refuse to let us come and review them in their office (unless it's a fail or a really low mark, then apparently sometimes they make exceptions). When questioned about their reasoning they refuse to give one. I have an issue with this as I want to be the best nurse possible, and even if I only get one question wrong I want to know what it was so that I ensure I don't make the same mistake again and that I can provide the best care possible for clients based on my knowledge. How are we supposed to learn from our mistakes if our profs won't even let us know what our mistakes were?

Has anyone else run into this? Is anyone aware of whether this violates our rights as students? Or would this be based on our institution? I have not yet taken this to the dean, as I don't want to take up her time if this is the norm or if it is not within our rights as students to have access to this.

I also feel like besides the learning aspect of it, I am paying huge money for this education and I feel like I am being denied an opportunity to better my learning. Our school charges the highest in the country for RN, and it is NOT the most reputable school and does not have the greatest record for passing the CRNE (I found this out after starting).

Am I within my rights to be frustrated? And can anyone suggest a course of action? Thanks for reading!

....End rant lol....


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We can review our tests. We don't have midterms. We review the tests in class and are able to discuss why the answer is right/wrong. Also if you fail the test(below an 80) then you have mandatory review in the instructor's office. Also with finals, we can review only in the instructor's office not in the class.

In the LPN school , they reused the tests so no

But the instructors would tell you if you were week in something , if your getting only one question wrong I wouldn't worry.

I would go toy book right after and look up anything I didn't get or understand.

Not sure about the RN program I'm starting in January .

We can do test review as a class a couple days after the test. And we can meet with our instructor alone, we have a week to do that and then we aren't allowed to see them anymore.


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We review our regular exams as a class. You can review the final ONLY if you fail it. We don't have midterms.

if your getting only one question wrong I wouldn't worry.

Lol I'm not only getting one question wrong. I hadn't realized how my original post sounded until I saw this. I get more than one answer wrong, I just meant even if I was able to only get one wrong I'd still want to know what it was and learn from that mistake.

Some of our tests are reused also and I would never expect to get the exam handed back to me, but a review or the option to see where we went wrong would be very helpful :)


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I like test review b/c it is nice to know why you miss something...I hate wondering what I missed so that's why I like test review..esp on earlier exams...for example, this quarter was OB, and some of the ones I missed on a test were later similar in a later test this quarter, so had I not had the review, I may have missed it on the future test not knowing the rationale(Or again may have missed it when it showed back up on the final kwim?). Plus when you take NCLEX if you have a similar question, it's good to have known the info rather than just wondering.