Mid-shift stomach aches on night shift, what gives??

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I've always had this issue since I was a kid that if I stay up all night around 3-4am I get a really sour acid-y upset stomach. I've tried eating little meals throughout the night and taking tums but it doesn't really help that much. I'm just curious if anyone else has this problem? I've had a couple people in my life say it happens to them but I wonder if it's kind of common.

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I hear you, although it's been over a month since you wrote your post. This is an area that I've had some experience in: MN shift GI distress. If you're still experiencing a sour acidy stomach, I've got some pointers.

Years ago, I would work MN shifts and transition into a day schedule on my days off. I believe that was a causative factor in my mid-shift indigestion. It seems to me that I read something somewhere on the physiological pathology of this occurence. Had something to do with one's 24 hour clock being thrown off.

Now that I adhere to a MN schedule, indigestion is no longer a problem. However, I did deal with it in various ways, not unlike your attempts. I would recommend no more than two cups of coffee per day. Preferably directly after awakening. Avoid other caffeinated beverages. Drink water. Sparkling water is okay. Avoid red meats. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Stay away from empty calories. Eat small meals. "Graze".

Good luck to you, Goodwic. Here's to gastric relief.


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This might be something better discussed with your medical provider.

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This might be something better discussed with your medical provider.

I did this and the doctor told me what to do. I had tried everything. Since going to the doctor I am doing much better.

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