starting salary for new icu nurses? - page 5

hello, im currently a bsn student and would like to obtain a position in an icu upon graduation. i was just curious about the starting salaries for new icu nurses in your area? thanks!... Read More

  1. by   daniw603
    Columbus OH $22. +Diff for WE, eves and nights.
  2. by   Ophelia78
    As a new grad in Ohio 19.99/hr plus $4 shift diff. As a nurse with 1.5 years exp 21.69/hr plus 15% shift diff for evening or nights.
  3. by   icu26RN
    New graduates in Denver, Colorado start anywhere from 20-23.50/hr, differentials differ at the different hospitals. University Hospital offers 5.00 night differential. Other hospitals offer lower differentials.
  4. by   WolfpackRed
    In the Winston-Salem, NC area

    General SICU @ private, teaching university hospital

    New Grad salary: $19.85/hr (7a-7p) with differential of $4/hour from 3p-7a and weekend diff of $1.25/hour

    Full time considered 36 hr/week not 40 like other places.