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Hi! I will be starting as a new ICU nurse the beginning of May. I have come from a Transitional ICU but we did not get Swans, alot of drips and CVVH....I was wondering about a good ICU book --... Read More

  1. by   SusieQ1234
    Mark Hammerschmidt! Your articles are amazing! I can't wait to read all of them , a really big help for someone interested in ICU! Thanks
  2. by   ICUSkeenRN
    Mark Hammerschmidt! Your book is WONDERFUL! It is a great book for someone like me who just started in ICU.

    Skeen, RN
  3. by   badphish
    Mark I love your FAQs they have got me through my last semester of the Paramedic to RN bridge program.

    Thnx bunches
  4. by   flo136
    Hi. I've worked in the Uk and currently Australia; and a great book we use for our ICU course is T. Oh's ICU manual. It is heavy and thick but the chapters are interesting and it covered all we were looking for. It's not for nursing tips though. More diseases and processes of critical care.
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    Just a student here, but for my critical care rotation we had to buy the "Manual of Critical Care Nursing: Nursing Interventions and Collaborative Management" by Pamela Swearington. It's excellent!
  6. by   JustinTRN
    I have an iphone and I seriously think I have a problem buying nursing and medical apps for the iphone. They even have a Kathy White app.
  7. by   simvee
    I was just going to post that I was looking for a good ICU study book! I'm a first year RN working in trauma and neurosurgical ICU, but we handle overflows from MICU and other surgical and thoracic specialties. I'm looking for a readable text that I'll actually use and understand, not just a reference.

    First, I love Mark's!

    I have the second edition of The ICU Book (Marino) which I'm starting to loathe. I didn't realize it would be full of his own opinions on matters; he seems to constantly return to oxidation injury and the same studies about antioxidants and selenium replacement. I'm a bit of a natural/health freak but even I am questioning the usefulness of having so much of the text devoted to this. Also I get irritated when he insists on referring to "the chest roentgenogram" several times in one chapter. What's wrong with chest x-ray? Or CXR? Isn't this an informal handbook, not a ponderous textbook? However, based on recommendations and seeing a copy at work, I ordered the third edition of the ICU Book. Used. Hope it's worth the $60.

    I also ordered Oh's Intensive Care Manual. It's not US based, but used copies are cheaply obtainable and it seems like it's organized well.

    I want to get a book that deals with ICU pharmacology more. Why do we use the drugs we do? which are better in which situations?

    I have an old trauma nursing manual which I'm starting to dig through. Any good trauma ICU references?