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Hi! I will be starting as a new ICU nurse the beginning of May. I have come from a Transitional ICU but we did not get Swans, alot of drips and CVVH....I was wondering about a good ICU book --... Read More

  1. by   zoinks22
    The ICU Book by Paul Marino.....Excellent book. When I graduated I went to work on a MICU and this book is simply the best.....Also have to give the due to M. Hammerschmidt and his website.....Excellent info there as well. Good luck and good learning....
  2. by   AtlantaRN
    check out, excellent resource for books, used but good resource!

  3. by   augsburg
    Dear Mark,
    I am a big fan of your articles. I have been a nurse for 5 years and an ICU since may and I stumbled across your website last spring. You have made so many things way more understandable than any text book I could get my hands on. I really appreciate the time you put into these factoids and I have spread the word to all the new and old ICU nurses about your website. Thanks so much!!!
  4. by   necrogato
    You might want to check out the hemodynamics booklet at It's only nine bucks.
  5. by   erinsparinRN
    Quote from MarkHammerschmidt
    May I humbly recommend my series of free articles at ?
    Great resource. All those questions I just don't get a chance to ask in the specific situations--or have never thought to ask.

    I will be sharing this site with my coworkers.

  6. by   oneillk1
    Quote from MarkHammerschmidt
    May I humbly recommend my series of free articles at ?
    May I totally back up this humble recommendation - I am starting in ICU in a month and it is (hopefully) bringing me up to speed quickly. But also fun to read!
  7. by   lisa3828
    originally posted by markhammerschmidt
    may i humbly recommend my series of free articles at ?

    this is a fantastic resource. as a newbie icu nurse, i have found mark's references to be down to earth in an easy to read manner that helps me to understand the material. thanks so much mark!!
  8. by   sscathlab
    When I started in ICU 10 years ago, a friend of mine was interning at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and they used the following book for most of the classes: CRITICAL CARE SKILLS A CLINICAL HANDBOOK BY BARBARA C MIMS. It is stil what I use as a reference. They have a new edition out but it gives PEARLS about what to chart and what to look for.
  9. by   bisson
    Quote from Evelyn381
    I am a new graduate that has accepted a position in the ICU. I start in September. I am looking for really good magazine that I can order that are specific for the ICU Nurse. Does anyone know of any intensive care magazines or critical care magazines that would be good to order? I look forward to your responses.
    Thanks ahead of time.
    Do you mean you are a new graduate from a nursing school? ( 2 or 4 years? )

    I only ask because I'm still a student, but I want to gain a lot of experience in ICU ( i wish to become a CRNA one day ) *** I wanted to know what it takes to be offered a position in ICU. do you need further certification after you get your Rn license? *** do you have to have a BS? i'm currently in a associates program. with full intentions of going for both BSN *** masters ( hopefully in anesthetics )
  10. by   AJACKSON1048
    I am wondering what everyone thinks of medication tech's. there new to ohio and just being piloted and I for one am very concerned. I am thinking of lobbing to have it stopped.
  11. by   Cik
    any articles on closed suction catheterisation?
  12. by   nyforlove
    I just discovered that "ICU FAQS" DOES come in a book form:

    I'm starting ICU next month and plan on buying one--thanks Mark!--if you prefer I buy directly from you, that's fine, please just e-mail me your address--prefer to give you 100% of the price!

    Quote from spacenurse
    I agree that this is the best I have seen:

    Good to have a good textbook though. The AACN

    is a great resource. Take their classes if you can. Attend NYI is possible too.

    I found "Core Curriculum for Critical Care" very difficult when new. An experienced enthusiastic, and knowlegable instructor made all the difference for me.

    Then got to the FAQs.
  13. by   RN_MIKE
    I also have the Kathy White Fast Fact Books, I think it s pretty okay myself